Ole Miss B-Ball Coach Beats Up Cincinnati Cabbie

• Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy returns to Cincinnati in grand fashion - by assaulting a cab driver with fists & racial slurs.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

• Could we see Manny Ramirez in pinstripes before too long?

Eddy Curry has casually avoided a $41,000 bill from Casual Male.

• Ex-Hoosier Eric Gordon says drugs did in Indiana’s season last year.

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Clemens’ Ex Mindy McCready Tried To Kill Herself

It hasn’t been the greatest year for country singer Mindy McCready. Things started out poorly enough when it was revealed that she’d had an affair with Roger Clemens for ten years, and that the relationship started out when she was 15 years old. Even though Clemens has denied the story ever since, Mindy’s mother said there was a relationship but it was strictly platonic. That story was quickly followed by a former roommate of Mindy’s saying that she was 17 years old before sleeping with Roger. It’s at this point that I’d just like to point out that I’ve never had sex with Roger Clemens, at any age.

Mindy McCready

Of course, all that is just the tip of the iceberg for McCready this year. Glancing over the DUI she was found not guilty of back in 2007, there was also the events of last week that saw Mindy charged with identity theft and other crimes in Arizona. Oh, and there was that apparent suicide attempt on a drug overdose back in the summer that caused her to spend some time in a rehab facility in Texas.  Well, you know the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?” Mindy takes that to heart.

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Jason Taylor Done Dancing, Dolphins Done w/Him?

We hope to someday see suburban banners showing SbB some love, too.

Jason Taylor: Finished “Dancing”, now also finished with the Dolphins?

Jason Taylor Edyta Sliwinska dancing

• We’d smash through glass to check out Hunter Pence’s nudie girlfriend.

• A toast to ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe for kicking cancer’s ass!

Cris Carter wanted to take Will Leitch out. But isn’t he married?

Mindy McCready movie moves to clear up cuddling with Clemens.

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McCready To Come Clean About Clemens In Film

The greatest romance of the century - finally brought to the silver screen!

Roger Clemens Mindy McCready

Christian Red (great name) of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that shooting has more or less finished on a new documentary about Mindy McCready. And the film featuring the Roger Clemens-cavorting country singer promises to dish even more dirt on the Rocket & their decade-long relationship. Read more…

Melons Gal Clears Up Mindy McClemens Confusion

If Danica & Ashley show up in “Speed Racer 2“, then we might go see it.

• A well-meaning “Melons” waitress helps clear the confusion about Roger Clemens mackin’ on a 15-year-old Mindy McCready.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens Red Sox

• Ex-KC Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery is getting ready to marry to a major MILF - annnnnd it’s good!

• Having Richard Jefferson show up for a birthday celebration gets a party host all choked up.

Kenny Mayne’s got a book out. Someday we may read it.

John Wooden. Vin Scully. One night. One stage. Be there.

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‘Melons’ Waitress: Clemens Bonked 17-Year-Old

The FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESS reports that a woman who claimed to be “inseparable” with Mindy McCready during her alleged underage affair with Roger Clemens says she was not 15 when McCready met (and had sex with) him.

Hooters Girl

(The only woman west of the Mississippi yet to be questioned in Clemens affair)

The woman, Jennifer Sirbaugh, and McCready “lived across from each other in Fort Myers when Sirbaugh was 16. They were roommates for less than a year at Gulfstream Isles apartments, when both worked at Melons, a Hooters wannabe in south Fort Myers.Read more…

Racer’s Wife: Place Behind Danica, Wear A Dress

Tony Kanaan’s wife suggests her IRL hubby go throw on a dress if he’s gonna qualify behind Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick red dress

Maybe a little stylish number like this?

• Speaking of married life, a couple of Dallas DJs don’t show much respect to some of the Royals’ significant others.

• First, Mindy McCready’s mom confirms her daughter’s connection to Roger Clemens. Now, the country singer’s dad adds that the two did the tantric tango together.

Jason Taylor tries to bring some football flair to “Dancing With The Stars.” Bill Parcells remains unimpressed.

Hulk Hogan caught placing his 24-inch pythons on some pretty posteriors.

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Mindy Not The Only Gal To Connect w/Clemens?

The whole family has now weighed in on Mindy McCready’s long-time collaboration with Roger Clemens. After Mindy first spilled the beans, her mom confirmed the coupling. Now, dear ol’ dad is putting his two cents in.

Roger Clemens Mindy McCready

The NEW YORK POST reports that Tim McCready announced the two have known each other for over a decade, and agrees that nothing intimate happened between them.

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Blog-A-Rhythm: Steve Trout Never Looked Better

• Our new favorite online destination - THE UGLY BASEBALL CARD BLOG.

Steve Trout baseball card

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT gives a toast to this clueless Tigers fan, who bought his 7-year-old an alcoholic drink without even realizing it.

• Based on her confirmed cozing-up with Roger Clemens, SIGNAL TO NOISE has some song suggestions for Mindy McCready’s upcoming album.

Greg Oden bids aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. May we suggest a side trip to Maui? The scenery is unbelievable.

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Roger Clemens Cuddled Up With Mindy McCready?

• Country singer Mindy McCready admits that she’s been randy with Roger Clemens for quite some time - starting back when she was just 15.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens

Is it true? Well, Mindy’s mom confirms the connection.

• Just about a week after Danica Patrick tasted victory, Ashley Force is the latest hot motor mama to roll into the winner’s circle.

• A topless cyclist has been terrorizing and/or tantalizing a California town for some time now.

LeBron James has no time for a photo-op with a lowly fan like you.

• Who would’ve though that women’s collegiate track & field relays would be so violent. Thank goodness Allison Stokke sticks to pole vaulting.

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