Mina Brees, Mother of Saints QB Drew, Dies At 59

Drew Brees has left New Orleans Saints training camp upon learning of the death of his 59-year-old mother, Mina.

Drew Brees Mina Brees

The AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN reports that Mina had died in Colorado while visiting her son Reid, although the cause of her death is unknown at this time.

Although it is sad news for the Brees family, Drew & his mom weren’t always on the best of terms.

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Cancer Patient Inspires Nwestern Lacrosse Legacy

• The Northwestern Wildcats women’s lacrosse team has won five straight national titles - thanks in part to the inspiration of honorary teammate & young cancer survivor Jaclyn Murphy.

Northwestern lacrosse team and Jaclyn Murphy

• Ladies & gentlemen of the jury, Plaxico Burress would like to have a little chat with you.

• A high school cheerleader is suing after her coach logged in to her Facebook account & then kicked her off the team.

• Current Viking & former Bear Bobby Wade sez Brian Urlacher doesn’t think new Chicago QB Jay Cutler is all that manly.

• The Big 12 Conference is looking to move their football championship game to the new Cowboys Stadium…permanently!

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Drew Brees’ Mother Tries Her Hand At Extortion

It’s always hard to hear about when athletes - or hell, anybody, for that matter - have strained relationships with their parents. It’s not the natural state of things and there’s no substitute for a loving parent when it comes to keeping yourself normal.

Drew Brees chair
(Worse yet, she never taught him how to use a chair correctly. The horror. The horror.)

But that sort of goes out the window when it comes to people like Mina Brees, Drew Brees‘ mom. No, unlike most deteriorated family situations, this isn’t caused by substance abuse or other basic life screwups - she’s an attorney. Specifically, she’s one with no qualms about thinly-veiled extortion attempts against local businesses in Houston.

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