Shotput Beer Takedown Recounted By Eyewitness

We all remember Kayte Taylor, the Santa Rosa, California, woman who prevented a thief from stealing her wallet by shotputting a case of Miller Lite at the man, knocking him off of his getaway bike. Now an eyewitness has come forward, relating to SPORTSbyBROOKS never-before-heard details of the harrowing incident.

Beer Slogan

Bonnie Davis, a co-worker and friend of Taylor’s, was with her and two other friends on Saturday when they made a stop at a local market on their way to work. Taylor and one other girl went into the store, while Davis and the other friend, Julia, waited in the car. Here’s Davis’ description of what happened next:

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Beer Proves Once Again To Be Deterrent To Crime

Alcohol has been the downfall of many ne’er-do-wells,  but never quite like this. After a man stole Kayte Taylor’s wallet near a Santa Rosa, Calif., market on Saturday, the 28-year-old did what most women would — she grabbed a 12-pack of Miller Lite and shot-putted it at the thief.

Shot putting Miller Lite

The tasty beer missile hit its mark — knocking the man off of his getaway bike, where Kayte’s friends descended on him and retrieved the wallet. Boom goes the dynamite. It’s Miller Time. Read more…

Disgusting. The Guy’s Never Heard Of Heineken?

THE SMOKING GUN today has photos released by Brian McNamee’s lawyers “purporting to show syringes, blood-specked gauze pads, and drug vials used by the embattled baseball star (Roger Clemens).

Photos Of Clemens Steroids

McNamee’s lawyers have said that the items were turned over last month to federal investigators who have been probing the widespread use and distribution of illegal substances by professional athletes.

We actually had someone tell us today that McNamee is faking this evidence. That it can’t be Clemens’ stuff. But we’re unequivocal about the veracity of the items now. But only upon seeing the Miller Lite can.