LeBron & Carmelo Are Big Fans Of Barry Manilow

LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony just can’t get enough Barry Manilow.

Carmelo Barry Manilow LeBron

And honestly, who really can?

• Beware, UCLA -  LenDale White is coming for your women.

• Tell ‘em all ‘Hookah!’ - Todd Marinvoich’s brother opens a smoke shop.

• The Jets finally outfox the Pats in Foxboro (or is it Foxborough?)

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Another Marinovich’s Future Goes Up In Smoke

We’re all aware of Todd Marinovich’s passion for pot, his jonesin’ for joints, his making tracks for marijuana. Well, the smoking apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as younger brother Mikhail also enjoys lighting up. But the mini-Marinovich would rather do it legally - and make a tidy profit from it.

Mikhail Marinovich hookah

THE WIZ OF ODDS reports that Mikhail has started a smoking lounge in Syracuse. The Orange DE (L) has teamed up with teammate Niko Rechul (R) to open up Hollywood Hookah, a place where central New York Staters can enjoy a puff or two from those tall bottles they swear aren’t just giant-sized bongs.

But Mik & Nik’s new establishment isn’t just some hokey hookah hole in the wall. It’s got quite the spread for Syracuse smokers:

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Marinovich QB Somehow Not Named Todd Cuffed

Kudos to Lauren Bertolini and Matt Gelb of Syracuse Univ.’s DAILY ORANGE as they break the news that Todd Marinovich’s younger brother Mikhail, who plays for the SU football team, was “charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree after allegedly breaking into the Manley Field House equipment room Sunday morning.

Mikhail Marinovich Todd Marinovich

Somehow, a skateboard and meth were not involved. Instead, the younger Marinovich is accused of breaking “a rolling metal gate to gain entrance to the room, as well as the cylinder lock that held the gate closed.

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