Photo: Atlanta Hawks Coach Shaved Off Eyebrows

So far no explanation from Atlanta Hawks Coach Mike Woodson on why he shaved off his eyebrows - as confirmed by Atlanta Hawks player Al Horford.

Photo of Mike Woodson's Shaved Eyebrows

(Not Woodson’s first case of bad judgement this week - last note)

Wait, he coaches the Hawks.

Never mind.

Hawks Coach Squawks About ESPNer’s Comments

Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson is a busy man these days. He just got done coaching his team to a not-so-epic Game Seven win against the Miami Heat, and now he’s got his hands even fuller trying to gameplan against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mike Woodson Jon Barry

With so much going on at the office, you wouldn’t think Woodson would have to time to hang out watching NBA analysis on ESPN. Turns out he does, and he was none too happy with what he heard come from ESPN analyst Jon Barry, who took some time out from cavorting with the Cuervo Girls to make some observations on the Hawks.

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Tebow A Cut Above The Rest; Benson Wants Mom

SbB enjoys the sights & sounds of the Virgin Islands - America’s Caribbean!

• When it comes to circumcising Filipino children, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is a cut above the rest.

Tim Tebow With Bikini Hottie

(The Gators QB studying up on the human body)

Cedric Benson claims he wasn’t drunk, but he did want his mommy.

• Got $12,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spend it on a soccer ticket in Moscow?

Jimmy Kimmel & Bill Simmons weigh in on E:6o’s age assassination of Miguel Tejada.

Nick Saban & Gary Pinkel recall the 1970 shootings at Kent State.

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Mike Woodson Coached Last Game for Hawks?

Mike Woodson is still the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks until June 30th, when his contract expires. Not many coaches ever reach that point in their contract; they’re usually fired or extended by that point. Still, there he is with a 37-45 record hovering over his shiny scalp, waiting for Canada Day and his first unemployment check.

Mike Woodson and Dan Crawford

(”Do you have any ideas on how to stop them?”)

Stretching the lauded Celtics to a seventh game added sheen to the ol’ Woodson noggin, but his efforts at image reclamation dulled in the 99-65 thrashing at the hands of Doc Rivers’ boys. We regret we didn’t grab a screenshot of the enduring image from the ‘contest’: Mike Woodson’s huge mitt rubbing his bald head and staring blankly at the action like it was the last act of ‘2001‘.

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