Rays Can’t Top Red Sox For Idiot Fan Behavior

Tampa Bay Rays fans might be new to this whole playoff baseball experience, but they are starting to catch on: the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that seven fans were arrested during Game 2 of the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox. Although it’s a nice start, we certainly aren’t at the level of civic disturbance that we’ve come to know and love/loathe from the fans of the Rays’ opponents.

Fan Arrested at Rays Game

Most of the fans were arrested for minor, alcohol-related disturbances such as people getting too rowdy in the stands or drinking open containers of whiskey outside the stadium. But the winner has to be Brian McHugh, who tried to sneak into the dugout and…wait a minute, he’s from Sarasota but was born in Massachusetts? Which means he’s probably a Red Sox fan! No matter what the result of the series is on the field, the Red Sox are owning the Rays in terms of fan idiocy. (It even happened in Game 1.)

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Michael Phelps is Certainly Popular with the Ladies

• Now that he’s the flavor of the month, Michael Phelps apparently has his choice of lady companionship - Amanda Beard, model Lily Donaldson, or even Lindsay Lohan.

Michael Phelps shows off his abs

• Chinese citizens aren’t so smitten with their super-sized Shaq statue.

• The Bengals may bring back Chris Henry. Because everyone deserved a sixth chance.

David Stern wants to bring an NBA league to China. Well, as long as the players don’t pose like this.

• A college hoopster for Cal Poly gets caught trying to knock off a Wisconsin bank.

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Red Sox’s Timlin Aims To Impress Heidi Watney

I must see hundreds upon hundreds of sports photos on a daily basis - it comes part and parcel with being a sports blogger. Some are funny, some are poignant, some involve weightlifters twisting their forearms like a twist-off bottle cap. But it’s rare that you come across a photo that is so weird and amazing that you just stare in wonder at it for a few minutes, speechless. It’s like finding the Hope Diamond in the center console of your old Ford Escort. But that happened to me today. Let me present to you: Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin showing off his crossbow skill to NESN reporter/resident Red Sox Nation obsession Heidi Watney:

There are no less than 500 awesome things about this picture. Allow me to briefly point out some of the highlights:

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