Erin Andrews In Line For Possible Playboy Repeat

• Can Erin Andrews make it two-in-a-row in Playboy’s sexiest sportscaster contest? Well, she’s got quite the competition this time around.

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

• All-American hero? A-Rod’s allegiances lie with the Dominican Republic.

• The Rays need someone to suit up as their mascot. Could it be you?

• Some sports traditions die hard - like racism in South African cricket.

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SbB Clever Caption Contest: Swordplay In Jersey

Hey there, readers! We know your hearts are all a-twitter for tonight’s monumental MAC championship game between Ball State and Buffalo. But before you partake in the fun at Ford Field, why not put yourself in a festive mood by participating in today’s SbB Clever Caption Contest?

Friday’s photo features Rutgers senior signal caller Mike Teel celebrating his Scarlet Knights’ Thursday night thrashing of Louisville:

Mike Teel Rutgers sword

However, how would you describe this sword-centered scene? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap.

So, put your sharp minds to use and share some of your cutting wit now!

You Can Exhale Now, Longhorn Fans: 28-24

Oklahoma State played like the second-best team in the nation this afternoon. There was one tiny problem, however, with Oklahoma State’s virtuoso performance, and that is that they were facing the best team, Texas. The Cowboys’ feisty resistance kept them in the game all day long, and Texas was only able to escape, 28-24, after a last-second Hail Mary fell harmlessly to the turf, batted down at the 10-yard line. Sure, superman WR Dez Bryant had gotten past the Texas secondary, but that’s mainly because the secondary was playing the ball, which was nowhere near Bryant when it came back down to earth. It was a gritty, gutty fight on both sides, though, certainly a better fight than (ahem) Oklahoma put up, and only the most careless of pollsters will drop Oklahoma State more than a spot or two for this loss.

Texas Happy

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Blog Jam: Someone Translate 0-16 Into Spanish

Chad Ocho Cinco

Kiffin Career KO’d?; What Can Brown Do For You?

Lane Kiffin better be updating his resume, although he’s still currently employed by the Raiders - as of this writing, anyway.

Lane Kiffin wipes face

Ronnie Brown runs roughshod and passes perfectly over the Patriots.

Brady Quinn may finally get his big break with the Browns next weekend.

Mike Golic’s son gets caught in Notre Dame underage beer bust.

• SbB writer Scott shares his own special memories of Yankee Stadium, such as taking a leak between Bobby Murcer and Ron Santo.

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Rutgers QB Teel Wants To Punch You In The Face

Rutgers has been one of college football’s best stories over the past three seasons, but with a loss to Navy on Saturday dropping the Scarlet Knights to 0-3, this season is officially a disaster.

Mike Teel

Senior quarterback Mike Teel, who has shouldered much of the blame for the team’s poor showing, threw an interception as the team was driving late in the 23-21 loss on Saturday, clinching the win for Navy. Then, as a teammate was consoling Teel, he reacted as any reasonable person would — by attempting to punch him in the face.

Video after the jump.

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