Blog-O-Rama: Erin Andrews A Bee-uty on Kimmel

• Not satisfied with just a Blog Show appearance, FAN IQ tunes in to see Erin Andrews further embracing her boob tube celebrity - this time looking Bee-utiful on Jimmy Kimmel’s program.

Erin Andrews on Jimmy Kimmel show

• Speaking of hot TV clips, WALKOFF WALK rubs up some vintage video of Phillies legend Richie Ashburn getting a massage.

• With Glen Wesley’s retirement, YAHOO’s PUCK DADDY laments the lessening list of ex-Hartford Whalers left in the NHL.

• DEADSPIN balks at the UC-Irvine Anteaters putting one over on the LSU Tigers with the Ol’ Hidden Ball Trick.

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Croom Responsible For Firings of 3 SEC Coaches

ATNN SEC COACHES: STEP INTO SLY’S DEAD LETTER OFFICE The website POLITICS AND SPORTS has a great post today about Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom, who is the most deserving of all the college coach of the year candidates (sorry Zooker and Azamat).

Sylvester Croom

And as Croom basks in the glow of MSU’s astonishing season, he also leaves in his wake the strewn wreckage of SEC coaching careers.

Excerpt: “Croom may be the most feared man in the history of Southern college football. The affable head coach at Mississippi State University has been responsible for the firing of at least three (SEC) football coaches.

Croom has not reported these coaches’ infractions to the NCAA nor has he highlighted any personal indiscretions these coaches have committed. All Croom has done is to win football games against the teams coached by the ‘Croom Three’.

The three:

Dead Letter SEC Coaches

1) Ron Zook (Florida)
2) Mike Shula (Alabama)
3) Eddy O. (Ole Miss)
4) Nick Saban (Alabama)