Pro Athletes’ Restaurants: Just Stop Guys, Please

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports today that George Brett’s restaurant on Kansas City’s Plaza has gone belly up. This comes as no surprise to anyone from the area (like us). We walked by it dozens of times and never went in, because there was nothing compelling about it.

George Brett's Restaurant In Kansas City

(Next Up, Buddy Biancalana’s!)

Like most ill-fated restaurant concepts from athletes, George Brett’s tried to be all things to all people: sports bar, fine food, upscale atmosphere. And it apparently failed on all three accounts. Not to mention, the joint was placed in a space that had seen about five restaurants come and go over the years. So when it opened, locals all knew it had no chance to succeed.

We went to Mike Shannon’s in St. Louis awhile back, and that place rocked. Good location (in the summer, next to Busch Stadium) and a straight-on menu: Red meat, side of Crown Royal. Most importantly, Shannon himself was always there hangin’, unlike Brett at his place. Brett freely admitted to the Star that he rarely showed up at his joint, one more reason it was doomed.

Here in South Florida, word is that Dwyane Wade is opening several “D-Wade Sports Grills” throughout the area.

D-Wade Sports Grill

(Former Kenny Rogers Roasters?)

We seriously doubt #3 will be dragged away from Prime 112 and other assorted half-price affairs to wander 30 miles north to Aventura Mall, where one of the former Kenny Rogers Roasters franchises will be located. But we expect the food to be great, considering he’s got one helluva a menu-tester as a teammate.