Ump Tosses LA Angels Pitcher After Two Pitches

John Lackey, one of the approximately 6.2 million Los Angeles Angels of Anywhere We Can Make a Buck pitchers that have been unavailable thus far this season, came back today for his first game of the season.  The sigh of relief from Angels’ fans had barely escaped their lips when Lackey threw his first pitch behind the head of Texas Rangers infielder Ian Kinsler, possibly for his two home runs Saturday.

Mike Scioscia arguing

Lackey (and Mike Scioscia?) must have truly been confident there would be few repercussions for this because the second pitch hit Kinsler in the trunk.  Who would throw out John Lackey, one of the best pitchers in baseball, on his first batter of the season?  As it turns out, umpire Bob Davidson would.

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Halos Now Suddenly In Picture For Manny Ramirez

UPDATE: The referenced interview in below post took place in December.  I was listening to the afternoon show on the station yesterday and for some reason I thought Scioscia’s comments were referred to as having actually taken place “this morning” - so I was under the impression that Scioscia’s interview was the same day.

Ken Rosenthal wrote it up at the time. Could’ve saved me some time!

You do 17,000 posts over eight years, occasionally this happens kiddos. Won’t be the last time.

Angels Manager Mike Scioscia guested Wednesday on the Angels-owned KLAA-AM “Sports Lodge” morning show hosted by Roger Lodge and Dave Smith in Orange County. While Scioscia is the manager of the team, it’s well-known throughout baseball that he also has significant say in the club’s personnel decisions.

Mike Scioscia Manny Ramirez

Two months ago, Angels GM Tony Reagins went on the same station and said the club had no interest in Manny Ramirez. But yesterday, Scioscia contradicted Reagins, saying the team “absolutely” had interest in signing Ramirez. Audio after the jump. Read more…

For It’s 1, 2, 3 Strikes (And 4 Balls) You’re Out…

As a rookie thrust into a starting role on a World Series-contending team because of injuries, the Angels’ Sean Rodriguez needs all the help he can get. Especially since he’s only hitting .192 for the season. What he doesn’t need is have the count go to 4-2 before striking out, but the L.A. TIMES reports that’s just what happened to him last night against the Tigers.

During his at-bat in the fourth inning, home plate umpire Tim Welke thought the scoreboard count of 2-2 was off and ordered it changed to 1-2. Rodriguez then proceeded to work a “full count” before striking out, when really he should have walked the pitch before.

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Blog-Some: Yahoo Admits Boo-Boo To Shanahan

• WALK OFF BALK isn’t sorry that YAHOO apologized to Mike Shanahan for accusing the Broncos coach of videotaping Chargers’ practices.

Mike Shanahan Yahoo logo

• From one QB to another: Donovan McNabb posts his thoughts on Brett Favre.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT bounces over highlights of the World Four Square Championships.

• Meanwhile, LARRY BROWN SPORTS hands over news that Rock Paper Scissors is also going global.

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