Blog Jam: There’s a Bill Belichick Sex Tape? Barf!

• DEADSPIN shares disturbing word that there might be a Bill Belichick sex tape floating around. The goggles, they would do nothing!

Bill Belichick

• MERKIN SPORTS can’t wait to dine at Brett Hull & Mike Modano’s new restaurant. Haven’t the Dallas duo learned anything from Dwyane Wade?

• Speaking of the Heat star, WIZARDS INSIDER learns that D-Wade is afraid of Beijing barbers.

• Meanwhile, WITH LEATHER learns what the other Olympic b-ballers are called in Chinese.

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Mike Modano Married the Next Anna Nicole Smith

Mike Modano knows how to score: 525 goals, 749 assists, and a Stanley Cup should be sufficient proof. Also, he married Willa Ford last year. That’s what lawyers and Latin geeks call prima facie evidence.

Willa Ford & Mike Modano

And now Mrs. Mike Modano has completed filming of a teleplay based on the life and times of Anna Nicole Smith. Guess which part she plays?

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Willa Ford, Mike Modano To Be Wed On Saturday

STARS ALIGN AS WILLA FORD TIES KNOT WITH MODANO: Mike Modano faces off at the altar this Saturday, as the Dallas Stars star will be marrying “Dancing With The Stars” star Willa Ford:

Willa Ford lingerie

The FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM reports the nuptials between the skater and money-maker shaker will take place in Athens. However, the article neglects to mention which Athens - Athens, Greece; Athens, Georgia; or the Athens Cafe in Astoria, New York. (We’ll assume there’s a Texas version, and leave it at that.)

It will be interesting to see how many in Stars management received invitations, considering the soon-to-be Mrs. Modano’s previous opinions about her soon-to-be husband’s employer.

But we’re not sure if Modano is really ready for the sacred institution of marriage. During his lengthy NHL career, #9 has been involved in only one fight - a matchup against Rod Brind’Amour.

Mike Modano Willa Ford

However, Brind’Amour’s surname roughly translates to “sprig of love”. So, if Modano’s single bout of fisticuffs was really a matter of the heart, Mike & Willa have a chance, after all.

Blogs: Ashley Judd Finally Gets Kentucky Diploma

• AOL FANHOUSE congratulates U of Kentucky fan fatale Ashley Judd for finally getting her college degree:

Ashley Judd hockey graduate photo

• THE FEED rats out who’s gone to visit Tank Johnson while he passes time in the pokey. Yes: Most Bears teammates, coaches and Jesse Jackson; No: Johnson’s fiancee and also-looking-to-make-a-break-for-it Lance Briggs.• As he plots his latest comeback for the thousandth time, SPORTS COLUMN tracks down Rickey Henderson snagging some balls…away from other kids in the stands.

• THE BATTLE OF CALIFORNIA informs us how dance contestant Willa Ford met Dallas Star star Mike Modano, and how she feels about her fiance’s current employer:

Willa Ford photo lingerie engaged

• Hoping to recover from the loss of arena football, JOE SPORTS FAN reveals NBC’s new sports savior: Tiki Barbaro.• Hot on the heels of NASCAR, THE SPORTS PICKLE bets on a winner at the Preakness with the “Horses of Tomorrow”.

• SPORTS GONE SOUTH (sponsored by Goody’s Headache Powder) adds up (sponsored by Texas Instruments) Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s (sponsored by Junior Mints) heavy price to pay (sponsored by First Federal Savings) for leaving his dad’s company (sponsored by Dad’s Root Beer).

• HOCKEY NATION breaks the ice with Ottawa’s Game 1 victory over Buffalo in the NHL Eastern Conference finals. And since a Canadian team is involved, here’s the required version francais.

• Speaking of our neighbours to the north, THE SMITTBLOG examines how much the Toronto Blue Jays ooze sweet Canadianess - just by their names alone.

• Why has Al Davis had so much trouble fielding a decent Raiders team? OUR BOOK OF SCRAP thinks the silver jumpsuited one is following a different tune.