Lupica-ESPN Twitter War Headed Off At The Pass

We knew there had to be a reason for ESPN to ban its employees from Tweeting about stuff that might affect the Mother Ship. A case in point came on Monday, when ESPN THE MAGAZINE senior writer Bruce Feldman took a shot at NEW YORK DAILY NEWS hobbit Mike Lupica via the Twitter Machine.

Mike Lupica, Bruce Feldman

Feldman had taken exception to something Lupica said on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters,” and did what few in the sports media have the backbone to do these days — take Lupica to the virtual woodshed. That he did it via Twitter is both unfortunate and hilarious. Let’s take a closer look. Read more…

ESPN Lifts Roethlisberger News Blackout, Kind Of

Well, ESPN is finally talking about the Ben Rothelisberger sexual assault allegations, but you have to have been quick to catch it. The most hilarious part of the brief “ESPN Sports Reporters” segment on the subject was not Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom’s contention that “a lot of women make false claims.” (Stay classy, Mitch). It was the actual length of the conversation.

The Sports Reporters

As TAMPABAY.COM’s Tom Jones reported, and we picked up via AWFUL ANNOUNCING, Albom and NEW YORK TIMES columnist Bill Rhoden no sooner began arguing about the subject than host Mike Lupica pulled the plug, quickly switching the subject. And now ESPN viewers are more confused than ever. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Brett Favre Is A-Maze-ing In Maize

• Already feeling lost in this whole Brett Favre mess? Well, then 100% INJURY RATE comes across a corn maze you’re not going to like.

Brett Favre corn maze

• BALL DON’T LIE interviews Greg Oden, and learns that the Blazers star would like to own a flying monkey.

• DEADSPIN tosses along news that MLB security doesn’t believe Mike Lupica is worthy of All-Star VIP status.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME scores some video of a goalkeeper showing off his scorpion-like saving skills.

Read more…