Singletary Led Niners With ‘Pants Around Ankles’

There’s something to be said about an eloquent halftime pep talk. One where the coach rallies his troops together, who have been bruised and bloodied over the first two quarters of the game, and using a type of screaming poetry to get them to pick themselves up off the ground and fight some more, if not for the outcome of the game, then for their own personal pride, damn it! There’s also something to be said about a coach who forgoes the eloquence in lieu of dropping his pants, turning around, and saying that his team played like ass.

Mike Singletary Mooned 49ers

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC has this juicy nugget from last week’s game. Embarrassed by being down 20-3 at halftime to an awful Seattle team, new 49ers coach Mike Singletary decided to give his team an extreme visual aid for how he thought they were doing.

Between this and the mid-game benching of Vernon Davis, we better strap in tight everyone. The Reign of Samurai Mike is looking to be a bumpy, and hilarious, ride.

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