Video: 1st Time Gundy Sent T. Boone To Voicemail

Last Friday during a live interview on Radio Disney in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber’s phone went off thanks to a call from Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith.

The ringtone?

A snip from Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man! I’m 40!” rant.

When asked about the ringtone, Bieber said he added it after discovering Gundy on Youtube getting the vapors over a disagreeable media piece about then-starting Cowboy quarterback Bobby Reid.

Weird? Actually Bieber’s appreciation of Gundy’s fiendish scene restored my faith in humanity.

But then Radio Diz DJ “Ernie D.” asked Bieber to ask 12-year-old Jaden what he was wearing to the Grammys, and I quickly lapsed back to reality. Read more…

UGA, Okla. State Won’t Hold Pregame Handshake

Nice to see the college football season get off to such a dramatic start. Actually, it wasn’t that nice to see Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount slug Boise State DE Byron Hout after Thursday night’s contest. The whole ironic thing about Blount bopping Byron is that the game began with a ceremonial handshake between Ducks & Broncos players - a gesture designed to help promote sportsmanship.

no handshake

But seeing how such a show of goodwill concluded with a player coldclocking an opponent, Georgia and Oklahoma State have decided not to hold their own pregame handshake.

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Iverson, Mora, & Namath Get Autotuned (w/ Video)

Sometimes a video comes along that’s so perfect, anything we add to it would be superfluous; the best thing we can do is just stand back and let the magic happen.

Allen Iverson
(We were tempted to photoshop a T-Pain hat onto Allen Iverson, but it would have been a little too esoteric.)

This would be one of those times. KISSING SUZY KOLBER has unearthed an epic remix of some of the most memorable moments in media meltdown history - set to Autotune. Oh, it’s so good. Video’s after the break (and near as we can tell, completely SFW).

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Blog-O-Rama: Friedgen Almost Pulls A Mike Gundy

• STET SPORTS BLOG catches Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen almost pulling a Mike Gundy after a close win over Delaware.

Ralph Friedgen in golf cart

• WALKOFF WALK hurls up word that Todd Rundgren’s son is playing for the Dodgers’ Triple-A team in Vegas. (For those wondering who the heck Todd Rundgren is, he’s the guy that did that “Bang On The Drum All Day” song.)

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT doesn’t know what to say, as researchers discover that watching sports can make you a better speaker.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE isn’t so pleased with everyone jumping to conclusions about Richard Collier’s character, just because the Jags lineman was shot in a drive-by attack.

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Only Cute Young Girls Allowed To Sing For Beijing

• You must be this cute to sing in the Olympic opening ceremonies, or else someone else will visualize your vocals to the viewing public:

Lin Miaoke fake Olympic opening ceremony singer

• Meanwhile, officials are having to “ask” “volunteers” to fill the seats at the more sparsely-populated venues.

• The Chinese know him as “Betrayal Skull Dude”. You know him better as Carlos Boozer.

Stuart Scott struts his karaoke stuff. Can I get a witness!

Kenny Chesney loves football as much as he loves helping players disrobe before hitting the showers.

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He’s A Man! He’s 41! Happy Birthday, Mike Gundy!

Happy Birthday, Mike Gundy! The Oklahoma State football coach famous for his Youtube-cherished “I’m a Man!” rant turns 41 today.

Mike Gundy ranting

Bill Haisten of the TULSA WORLD shares what fun activities the Cowboy coach has planned for his special day. Surprisingly, Mike wants it subdued:

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$193M OK State Athletic Gift Now Valued At $400M

Boone Pickens‘ big donation to Oklahoma State University has turned into quite the money maker for the Cowboys, even if it hasn’t made any football or basketball champs yet.

Oklahoma State Cowboys ball

Darren Rovell of CNBC crunches the numbers of the oil man’s gift, in which he gave his alma mater $165 million to help his school further excel on the court & on the field. Although the moolah hasn’t brought any Big 12 titles yet, it has brought something just as important - even more dough.

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Teary-Eyed T.O. Given Coors Light Ad Treatment

FAN IQ notes it didn’t take long for someone to turn Terrell Owens’ tearful tirade into a Coors Light spoof:

Not bad. A little under-produced, but we get the point. The official Coors Light tag at the end was a nice touch.

The folks from Golden, Colorado, have inspired a new generation of video parody not proudly displayed since all those “Leave Britney Alone!” knock-offs flooded the internet.

Although we enjoyed the T.O. take-off, there have been others just as amusing, if not more so:

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Source of Gundy Tirade Leaving Oklahoma State

Looks like Mike Gundy got all worked up for nothing.

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that Oklahoma State QB Bobby Reid won’t be playing for the Cowboys next year. The junior’s mother, Rajika, said her son will either declare for the 2008 NFL Draft, or transfer to another college to finish out his senior season.

Mike Gundy eCard

Reid was the reason behind Gundy’s famous post-game tirade earlier this season. The OSU coach went on a three-minute rant over a newspaper column that discussed Reid’s loss of the starting QB position.

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Okie State’s Offensive Outburst Hinders Hoosiers

Mike Gundy is back on a bowl roll, as his Oklahoma State squad shot down the Indiana Hoosiers, 49-33, in the Insight Bowl on Monday.

Mike Gundy Insight Bowl Trophy

The key to the Cowboys’ victory was the play of their QB Zac Robinson, who went 15 of 20 for 192 yards and two touchdowns, and ran for 64 more yards and two more scores.

Gundy knows a little bit about being a quarterback jack-of-all-trades for a bowl game. While under center for OSU in the 1988 Holiday Bowl, Mike actually received a pass on a trick play from the one & only Barry Sanders.

Sadly, Gundy only made it as far as the 1-yard-line before Sanders found the end zone on the next play. 19 years later, it appears Mike has shown no irrational outbursts anger about missing out on a trick TD. You know why?

Mike Gundy eCard

‘Cause he’s a man!