Blog Jam: Coll. Wrestler Won’t Submit To Cancer

• The LADIES… will be our special guests this weekend with live wall-to-wall bloggage of this NFL Draft. In the meantime, they share the story of a college wrestler looking to chokeslam cancer.

Adam Frey wrestler fighting cancer

• HOME RUN DERBY would like to know what did Joba Chamberlain say to anger Erin Andrews.

• Speaking of the sideline siren, THE ANGRY T tries to decide who’s going to be the next sexy sports reporting sensation. We tend to agree with the anointing of Ines Sainz.

• YAHOO’s BALL DON’T LIE needs your help in figuring out what Celtics fans are shouting at the Hawks’ Mike Bibby.

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NBA Job #1: Find Official Scorers Who Can Count

O Great and Glorious Commissioner David Stern laid down the ground rules this week for the highly unusual replay of the last 51.9 seconds of regulation from the December 19th game between the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks. The do-over was called when the Atlanta Hawks scoring staff fouled Shaquille O’Neal out by accidentally giving him someone else’s foul. (Big man can hack his own slashers in the lane, thanks.)

The Atlanta Hawks scorer at work

(This explains a lot.)

However, since the replay was declared, both teams have modified their rosters rather significantly. The Hawks traded a pile of nominal NBA talent for Mike Bibby and the Heat bamboozled the Phoenix Suns out of Shawn Marion for the services of the man who did not foul out of the December 19th contest, Shaq.

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Sources Saying Bibby on His Way to Atlanta Hawks

THE SACRAMENTO BEE is all over their beat, reporting today that sources close to the program are saying the Kings are on the verge of dealing Mike Bibby to the Hawks for guards Anthony Johnson and Tyronn Lue and forwards Lorenzen Wright and Shelden Williams.

Mike Bibby

It’s your basic deal. One team (Sacramento) looking to rebuild, while the other team (Atlanta) is young and looking for proven veteran leadership in an effort to make a push for the playoffs. But I can think of one truly heartbreaking reason for Bibby to not leave Sacramento.

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Miller’s Cornrows Now Guaranteed To Stay Dry

The Sacramento Kings, despite the crazy on-court urges of Ron Artest, were finally starting to find themselves. The club had won five of its last six games, with a renewed Mike Bibby and a slimmed-down Brad Miller as catalysts.

Brad Miller Cornrows

(Lovely cornrows, Bradley!)

But much like an Artest mood swing, suddenly Sacto is once again sullen, thanks to a Miller kitchen mishap.

The SACRAMENTO BEE reports today that Miller, who has two 20-20 performances in his last three games, needed “nine stitches in his right index finger after slicing it with a knife while doing dishes Sunday. He is questionable for Wednesday’s game against Seattle as the Kings look to extend their season-high four-game winning streak.

Every time we hear something like this, we think of late-night informercials. Of which, one out of three features some sort of knife-sharpening apparatus. Don’t those people know that the future of a downtown Sacramento arena is in their hands?