Michigan Football Soap Opera Kicks Into High Gear

Oh boy, this is gonna get ugly. It’s only been, what, four hours since the esteemed Mr. Jacobi wrote about the developing situation up in Ann Arbor regarding Michigan’s “voluntary” workouts, but it appears that the entire Michigan football team is now about to erupt into a Taiwanese Parliament fight. If any football fans out there thought the Wolverines would get back on track this season and surprise the (many) doubters, you might want to think twice about that.

Michigan Football


A new group of current and former players is now claiming the original group of current and former players are full of crap and no rules are being broken. Teammates calling each other liars, parents threatening other parents…this ain’t your father’s Big Ten football.

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Michigan: Where ‘Voluntary’ Still Means Something

The Rich Rodriguez Era enters its second season in Michigan, and it can’t possibly be worse than the first, right? After all, going 3-9 at Michigan is like going 0-12 at most other schools and having half your team arrested for something the authorities ominously refer to as “gross horse exploitation.” So it has to get better; it’s not like Rodriguez turned into a bad coach when he left West Virginia, right?

Mike Barwis doesn't take guff
(Sure, the workout’s voluntary, just as long as you know that this man will kill you with his bare hands if you don’t show up.)

At the same time, the defense is a mess, the quarterback situation is like a 3-headed hydra (if the hydra had AIDS), and it’s hard to see where many more wins come from this year. Ah, but this is where vaunted S&C Mike Barwis steps in and whips the whole program into shape and Michigan’s back to being great! Problem solved, let’s all go home and eat waffles.

But wait. About that, the whole Barwis offseason program, um… here’s the thing: if what Michigan players are telling the local press is true, it’s blatantly violating all sorts of NCAA rules.

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