Can We Lock Him in a Closet With Oliver Stone?

From the best golf blogger on the web, Geoff Shackelford:


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NutriSystem Spokesman Golic Calls Food “Awful”

If you watch any sports television at all (and if you don’t, how did you end up on this site?) then you’ve seen the NutriSystem commercials featuring a bunch of aging fat sports figures like Dan Marino and Chris Berman (and Larry the Cable Guy?) talking about how it’s OK — and in fact delicious — for dudes to go on a diet.

Mike Golic

One of the most prominent spokesmen for NutriSystem on commercials airing on ESPN is their very own Mike Golic, who claims to have lost 51 pounds. Well, TMZ recently caught up with Golic and his morning co-host Mike Greenberg outside of David Letterman’s studio.

As he was signing a few autographs (yes, people actually gathered on 53rd Street to get their autographs), Golic had a few words about NutriSystem that the company may not be all that pleased with…

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Knight Likes Ice Dancing More Than You’d Think

Ice dancing: combining all of the worst elements of figure skating with “Dancing with the Stars,” it’s the one event during the Winter Olympics that you pray your wife or girlfriend doesn’t make you watch. Because if you are stuck on the couch watching it, it’s the sports equivalent of going to the ballet: long, boring and completely ridiculous. The only advantage is that you at least can watch in your sweats instead of having to wear a suit and tie.

Bob Knight

Any red-blooded American man has the feel the same way, and no one is more of an “American man” than Bob Knight (just ask the Puerto Rican police). The how in the world can you explain this?: Aaccording to THE DAGGER, Knight spent the majority of his segment on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” singing the praises of Russian ice dancers. Who are you, and what have you done with our prime representative of the ugly American?

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Brog: Rarest Of MLB Species - Porn Free Players

In case you don’t know it, SbB is based in Los Angeles and most of our writers also emanate out of the west coast.

Earthquake City Scene

(View from my eighth story apt. building ok maybe not)

In the aftermath of today’s 5.4, everyone, at least from what I can tell, survived to write another day. It was also a relief to know that I had my trusty Los Angeles earthquake survival kit handy, which includes a flashlight, candles, fresh water and a good book to curl up with.

It’s rather ironic that here in the shadow of Hollywood, the L.A. TIMES and DAILY NEWS employ nary a gossip. The closest thing is probably T.J. Simers, and Daulerio at DEADSPIN spots this quote from Jeff Kent in today’s T.J.: “I don’t hang out with the guys — never have. I don’t go out drinking, look at porn, have a girlfriend or get divorced — so I’m selfish.”

He doesn’t hang out with guys? And to think TMZ’s quasi-homeless camera crew has been camped outside Rage in WeHo waiting all this time for the longtime second sacker.

And Kent doesn’t look at porn, either? Perhaps that means he’s got something in common with Marlins closer Kevin Gregg when in comes to an aversion for adult entertainment.

Or at least I think he does, if the following strange sports radio exchange involving Gregg is any indication. Read more…

Pat Forde Gets Stuck In Media’s Boarding Group C

RUMORS AND RANTS had a seat at the IU press conference circus in Bloomington yesterday and sends photo evidence of’s Pat Forde not capitalizing on his star power. The senior staffer got a seat behind a huge photographer likely paying double for a Southwest Airlines ticket.

Pat Forde

The bad seat didn’t prevent Forde from getting his story. IU is a mess and will now rely on Bobby Knight-wannabe Dan Dakich to rescue the program from these dark days. The first Dakich-run practice didn’t go too well. Six players failed to show.

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