A-Rod Overload; SI Stalkers?; Mike Leach is Mad

• Thank goodness this A-Rod steroids admission happened, or we wouldn’t have anything else to talk about.

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez dinner staredown

(Suppose Cynthia was really on to something, after all?)

• Still, it’s not like he’s accusing any media members of stalking him, right?

Mike Leach is not to tickled about Texas Tech’s additional clauses in its latest contract offer to the Red Raiders coach.

• The tennis coach who served the Williams Sisters & Maria Sharapova has a new 4-year-old prodigy ready to cause a racket.

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Tejada Could Face One Year in Jail for Steroid Lies

As this whole A-Rod affair erupts, another Major League player has gotten himself in trouble over steroid use, and it could lead to a year-long stay in the slammer.

Miguel Tejada Orioles

The WASHINGTON POST reports that Miguel Tejada has been charged with lying to congressional investigators over the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. The current Astro and former Oriole & A’s player is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Washington at 11 a.m. tomorrow. And if convicted, Tejada could face a maximum penalty of up to one year in jail.

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Sox Scouts Sacked For Skimming From Signees?

The Chicago White Sox fired three members of their scouting staff over some suspected foul play with the finances of freshly-signed players.

White Sox money clip

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that scouting director David Wilder and scouts Victor Mateo & Domingo Toribio were let go on Friday for “violations of club policy and standards“. The three were tossed amid an ongoing federal investigation into scouting & signing practices.

So, what exactly did the guys supposedly do that was so wrong?

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Blog Cabin: Where Have You Gone, Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Boston Celtics

Tebow A Cut Above The Rest; Benson Wants Mom

SbB enjoys the sights & sounds of the Virgin Islands - America’s Caribbean!

• When it comes to circumcising Filipino children, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is a cut above the rest.

Tim Tebow With Bikini Hottie

(The Gators QB studying up on the human body)

Cedric Benson claims he wasn’t drunk, but he did want his mommy.

• Got $12,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spend it on a soccer ticket in Moscow?

Jimmy Kimmel & Bill Simmons weigh in on E:6o’s age assassination of Miguel Tejada.

Nick Saban & Gary Pinkel recall the 1970 shootings at Kent State.

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ESPN Doesn’t Care, But This Is Still Damn Funny

You would assume ESPN is in full backpedal mode over its absurd E:60 hit piece on Miguel Tejada.

Disney employees Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Simmons do their best to mitigate the collateral damage with teh funny (via AWFUL ANNOUNCING).

I’m not so sure the WWL’s suits really care though about the laughable reax to the Tejada thing. For that reason, as AA points out, don’t look for this on E:60 anytime this century.

Blog-O-Rama: Maddux Works On Big Adjustments

• HOME RUN DERBY catches Padres pitcher Greg Maddux overdoing it a bit in adjusting his cup.

Greg Maddux hands down pants

• FLOTSAM MEDIA unearths one person who can relate to Miguel Tejada’s age issues.

Matt Mosley of ESPN’s HASHMARKS calls the moving vans, as Falcons owner Arthur Blank is putting his house on the market.

• WITH LEATHER checks up to see that the Sacramento Kings Dance Team still knows how to have a good time.

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ESPN’s “E:60″ Ambushes Tejada On Age Question

Miguel Tejada finally told the truth on a troubling matter that could have dire ramifications across the MLB landscape - he’s actually two years older.

Miguel Tejada Astros

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that the Astros shortstop admitted on Thursday that he’s actually 33, not the 31 that’s listed in the team’s media guide. And his admission may have come about after an ESPN appearance.

(Video after the jump.)

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It’s Now Time to Play Six Degrees of Kirk Radomski

A bit confused by the whole Mitchell Report? Finding it hard to comb through all 409 pages in one sitting? Well, the fine folks at SLATE have injected a little orderly organization into the pumped-up mess:

Mitchell Report social network chart

Thanks to the SocialAction software tool, Adam Perer & Chris Wilson have come up with this steroids social network chart - explaining the connections between various players & trainers in the whole sordid anabolic affair.

Wonder how Roger Clemens could be caught up with Paul Lo Duca? Or how Chuck Knoblauch can be tangled with Miguel Tejada? It’s all here. Just roll over the names to see what these guys have been up to.

It’s hours of interactive fun! Or at least 10 minutes during your next coffee break.

Astros’ Tejada Could Be Saying Adios to the U.S.A.

Miguel Tejada

Because of a small fib, Miguel Tejada could be saying adios to America.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that Tejada’s citizenship status is in trouble if it’s determined he lied to federal agents about using steroids.

The new Houston Astro was questioned in 2005, after Rafael Palmeiro claimed he tested positive for steroids because Tejada gave him tainted B-12 vitamins. Miguel responded that he never took the stuff and didn’t know any other players who did. Read more…