Cabrera Is No Stranger To Drunken Belligerence

Yesterday, we told you about the rather disturbing actions of Miguel Cabrera, who took time out of his team’s dwindling pennant race to get loaded beyond belief, then get involved in a domestic disturbance with his wife - one that ended with him sporting a scratch on his face, and her telling the police that he’d hit her. Not good.

Miguel Cabrera Go Be Fat Somewhere Else

This all started with a sensational binge on Friday night/Saturday morning at the Townsend hotel’s bar in Cabrera’s city of residence, Birmingham (Michigan, mind you, not Alabama). That’s where Cabrera imbibed well enough to blow a .260 by 6 a.m… and it’s also where Cabrera had apparently been instructed to not set foot in ever again, after going apes**t this August and threatening an overweight 15-year-old with the prospect of gun murder. Yes, really.

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Miguel Cabrera Blows .260 After 911 Call At Home

It’s hard to imagine a worse way for Miguel Cabrera’s weekend to have gone this past Saturday, short of criminal charges being filed. It’s bad enough that Cabrera - the Tigers’ main source of power in the lineup - is mired in a 1-14 mini-slump at the worst imaginable time for the team, what with a one-game playoff looming tomorrow. No, the off-the-field behavior is making things a lot worse.

Miguel Cabrera scratch 1

Prior to Saturday’s game, reporters had noticed a prominent scratch on the side of Cabrera’s head, a scratch Miggy had attributed to a “large dog” before tersely changing the subject. As you can imagine, that’s probably not at all what happened - or if his dog really did attack him, it’s only because Cabrera was blind drunk and involved in a domestic dispute that had his wife calling 911 for help at 6 that morning.

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How’s That D-Train And Cabrera Trade Looking?

The overwhelming sentiment from baseball’s offseason was that the Tigers made a formidable team practically invincible by adding Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera in a trade with the fire sale-minded Marlins.

Miguel Cabrera

And yes, I know it’s only 11 games into the season. But, um, the Tigers are 2-9, almost got no-hit yesterday and put Willis on the disabled list. Oh, and did I mention that Cabrera is hitting .167. Read more…

Detroit Tigers’ New Team Slogan? Winner Winner

Miguel Cabrera signed a seven-year extension to his 2007 one-year contract over the weekend. Pending a physical today, he will be $141m richer than he was a week ago. He joins fellow Detroit Tigers Curtis Granderson and Dontrelle Willis with lucrative ink stains on their signing hands last winter. Eyes have popped at each of the contracts, none moreso than Cabrera.

Detroit Tigers vie for World Series title

Mike Ilitch, the owner of the Little Caesars pizza chain and the Tigers, has jacked the Opening Day payroll over $95m this season, up from $47m in 2004. His controversial signings of Ivan Rodriguez, Magglio Ordoñez, and Gary Sheffield have yielded a highly competitive team; these newest extensions solidify the future of the franchise on the field.

While Cabrera’s new contract might be the most lucrative, it’s not the most important extension Ilitch has ever given out. No, that honor goes to…
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Miguel Cabrera Has 153 Million Reasons To Eat

The Detroit Tigers and the rotund third basemen have reached a tentative agreement that would give Miguel Cabrera the fourth-richest deal in baseball history.

Miguel Cabrera Frosty

The contract would pay Cabrera an average of just over 19 million Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers per season.
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Derek Jeter Coming to Kalamazoo For High School Hall of Fame Induction

• The KALAMAZOO GAZETTE rolls out the red carpet for Derek Jeter, as the Yankees star will soon be in town for his induction into his high school’s hall of fame:

Derek Jeter Kalamazoo

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• L’Chaim! JEN’S FREE THROWS tosses up some happy Hanukkah wishes from chosen NBA stars:

• FANBLOGS wants some bang for their buck, as Minnesota had the most expensive football wins - or win - this season.• WRIGLEYVILLE 23 discovers how Miguel Cabrera learned about his trade to Detroit: Ozzie Guillen’s wife told him.

Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis Heading For Detroit

TIGERS REELING IN BIG FISH CABRERA & WILLIS FROM FLA: The Tigers must think they’re the Yankees or the Red Sox.

Miguel Cabrera

Ken Rosenthal of FOX SPORTS hits home the news that Detroit is finalizing a deal with the Florida Marlins to send 3rd baseman Miguel Cabrera & pitcher Dontrelle Willis to Comerica Park.In return, the Fish would be landing six young players and prospects from the Tigers organization, including pitcher Andrew Miller and outfielder Cameron Maybin.

Florida didn’t even talk with the Tigers about any deals until contacting the AL Central club Tuesday morning. Within two hours, both sides had reached an agreement.

Comerica Park Tigers

Marlins left fielder Josh Willingham was surprised by the big deal, saying, “It was kind of like, wow, when I heard. I halfway expected one of them to get traded, but not both in the same deal. So it’s a little bit of a shock.”THE WORLD OF ISAAC is certainly roaring about the Tigers’ tremendous trade. The happy blog is calling it “the biggest blockbuster in Detroit sports history.”