Beauty Queen Offers To Toe Rubber After Slight

Last night after he was called on to start for the Washington Nationals only because Stephen Strasburg was unable to get loose in pregame warmups, pitcher Miguel Batista said of the jeering reaction of Nats fans: “Imagine, if you go there to see Miss Universe — and you end up having Miss Iowa.

Katherine Connors Miss Iowa and Miguel Batista

When informed of Batista’s comment, Miss Iowa Katherine Connors said today in an official statement, “I know I can throw a pitch or two! The question is, can Miguel Batista walk the runway in a swimsuit?

Adam Kilgore of the WASHINGTON POST also followed up on the story with Batista today: Read more…

Baby Boss Hank Declares War On Red Sox Nation

We can be serious: John McEnroe needs a ticket & a cab - and a friend.

• Baby Boss Hank Steinbrenner declares war on Red Sox Nation:

Hank Steinbrenner Red Sox dog

• Michigan’s women’s basketball coach is not too pleased in the post-game.

• No noose is good noose outside Kelly Tilghman’s old house.

• One Arizona fan tries to cool off USC by throwing a water bottle.

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Mariners Pitcher Miguel Batista’s “Idol”: Kenny G.

Right now we’re sitting in JFK airport, drinking bottled water we just paid $4.75 for, so we really do need some cheering up.

Thank goodness for Miguel Batista.

Miguel Batista Kenny G

The SEATTLE TIMES has a piece on the eclectic Mariner pitcher’s offseason endeavors, which included obsessing our favorite player on that celebrity golf tour thing: Kenny G. Read more…