Ladies And Gents, Introducing Mid-Life Crisis Guy

Say hello to mid-life crisis guy.

Michael Douglas

(And you thought Bristol had no metal detectors!)

He’s the guy who procured an agent at CAA and proclaimed he wanted to be the next David Letterman, but somehow got jacked up in Bristol, Ct., doing a radio show that no one listens to live inside the 1590 dial position.

Oh, wait, mid-life crisis guy does have listeners, thanks to Soviet-style, forced-clearance on company O & O stations.  Thank god for the Connecticut-based central planners! Program Directors be damned!

Mid-life crisis guy is the sad sack who joins spinning classes in a desperate attempt to pick up. Only to stop attending after several post-class shutdowns. (In fairness, I thought the Pinkberry meetup suggest was a lock too.) Read more…