WWE Diva Has Fake Breasts. Well, Breast, Anyway

You’ll probably remember - because honestly, who can forget something this ridiculous - the fiasco this January when a Rock of Love retired stripper contestant burst a breast implant while tooling around on a hockey rink to win Bret Michaels‘ love. No, it doesn’t make sense.

Mickie James WWE
(As you can see, this young woman clearly has complete disregard for implants. That’s what she’s tossing around, right?)

So let’s shift gears to the world of professional wrestling and one Mickie James. Yes, you can probably already see exactly where this one’s going, but we’re plugging ahead anyway, damn it. Ms. James is a a “WWE Diva,” which means she gets to run around and pretend to catfight other women. But since the WWE has a much more casual approach to implants than, say, boxing, there are certain hazards to the job. Yes, evidently, that involves popping your fake breasts.

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