Ana Ivanovic Getting In Shape For Her New Beau

• Nice to see Ana Ivanovic giving herself a good workout Down Under.

Ana Ivanovic Photo Workout Bra

• Just like an Iraqi journalist, Chris Webber takes aim at Charles Barkley by chucking a shoe at Chuck.

• With no chance at an NFL career, a former Iowa State RB sadly decides to jump to his death.

• What pumps you up for gametime? For 49er defensive standout Patrick Willis, it’s cold baths & Phil Collins.

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Caption Contest: Wailing In A Winter Wonderland

Hey, readers! TGIF! You know what I’m talkin’ about! But before you head off into the weekend to do some high-stressed, crowd-fighting Christmas shopping, here’s a holiday gift to you: another SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today, we shush over a scene from the Skiing World Cup, where Austrian slalom sweetie Michaela Kirchgasser just fell down & went boom!

Michaela Kirchgasser

So, what’s Kirchgasser crying out about? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, with a chance to win 15 minutes with the snow bunny of your choice back at the chalet.

Good luck & good writing! And there’s extra bonus points for every “Empire Strikes Back” reference!