Yes, Your Dog *CAN* Has A Vick Jersey For Xmas

One of David Letterman’s funnier running gags lately is his “coverage” of the Michael Vick story, in which he shows video of Vick throwing a practice pass for the Eagles, then cuts to footage of a ball hitting various animals (Wednesday night’s was a penguin). No, reminders of Vick’s sordid past are not going away anytime soon, and as we noted on Tuesday, the Eagles and the NFL aren’t helping matters any.

When we pointed out that shoppers on the NFL and Eagles’ official sites could, apparently, buy No. 7 Vick jerseys for their dogs, some readers raised up with the indignation of a town hall health care agitator. You accused me of making it up. But the NFL has now confirmed it — custom Eagles jerseys with Vick’s name and number *ARE* available for Fido. And what’s more, the league has no problem with it.

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Michael Vick Dog Jerseys? Stay Classy, Eagles

So I suppose one of the biggest beefs that Philadelphia football fans have concerning their team signing Michael Vick is the sheer audaciousness of it all. Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie, say many, were going to do what they were going to do, with no real regard for what the paying customer felt about it. the Eagles front office will deny this of course, but then you go to the team’s online store, and … what the …?

Eagles online store dog jerseys

If you’re seeing the same thing I’m seeing, and if you’re reading this, you are, then you’re witnessing balls bigger than the ones in the senior bowling story we posted a couple of hours ago. The Eagles have not only decided to sign a man who did time for killing dogs, but now they’re rubbing our dogs’ faces in it. On sale at the Eagles online store right now — it’s Michael Vick jerseys for your dog. At least that’s the way it appears. Read more…