Phelps Girlfriend Pal: “I’m a Victim Of The Media”

Count Caroline “Caz” Pal as the latest notable human being to play the “I’ve been victimized by the media!” card, saying that photos brought to light across the blogosphere, -  including right here at SPORTSbyBROOKS - are no indication of who she is.

Caroline Caz Pal LARGE

(This isn’t topless? Really? You’re sure?)

That Pal is trying to improve her image is no surprise, given the general furor that she received for traveling to Baltimore & spending Thanksgiving with Phelps, his mother and their family. Still, what is surprising is that she would be upset the shots were found, since, according to Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, they came from modeling shoots for an urban clothing line called Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos. Yes, Pimps & Hos is part of the official name. In the words of Dave Chappelle, “You may not be a ho, but you sure are dressed like one.”

And where were the photos found in the first place? According to Pal, brace yourself here, they came from, where else, Facebook. Don’t worry, you can see all of them again after the jump.

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Michael Phelps & Stephanie Rice, Sitting In A Tree

A few days ago former gold medalist swimmer and nude fuzzy little creature activist Amanda Beard wanted everybody to know that she wasn’t interested in dating super human swimmer Michael Phelps. I believe her exact words were “Eww, no!” (Now we know why she has to pose nude for PETA instead of speaking for them.) Well, Michael doesn’t seem to be too heartbroken over the incident.

Michael Phelps Stephanie Rice

Not only did he find out recently that Lindsay Lohan thinks he’s amazing and wants to “hang out” with him, but he’s also found himself another swimmer to make out with. Phelps has been seen spending a lot of time with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice, and by spending a lot of time with, I mean ramming his tongue down her throat.

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