Barbaro’s Slow Little Bro Is Now Ready To Go Pro

Imagine if Jesus had a brother. What would the pressure be like on him? Never mind his Jewish mother always asking why he couldn’t be more like his brother, he’d have the expectations of the world on his shoulders. Anything short of being the Messiah would make his life and career seem insignificant by comparison. That’s the burden carried by Nicanor, the brother of Barbaro, who also died for our sins.


(Admit it, this could be any horse and you’d have no idea.)

You may remember Barbaro, who won one freaking race, thereby becoming the most important horse ever. His full brother Nicanor, a late bloomer, is going to run his first race in a few weeks, and already has the NEW YORK TIMES tracking his every step gallop. Unfortunately his trainer says “he needed some time to grow up mentally,” making him seem more Raymond Babbitt than Henri Richard.

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