UFL Commish Proves League All About Credibility

Forget about the Dodgers and Angels in the playoffs last night in HD here in SoCal. I much preferred watching the United Football League on Versus on my reconditioned netbook. I can relate a little to the UFL, since part of my 16-year career in main sports media was spent in mid-size markets. So really I understand just how tough credibility can be to come by for a start-up league.

Michael Huyghue UFL Commissioner

But thankfully, the UFL is under the discriminating stewardship of the former agent of Pacman Jones, league commissioner Michael Huyghue. Huyghue clearly understands that in order to draw fans in a hotly-competitive, over-saturated, mid-week professional football market like Las Vegas, you have to give the fans what they want. As I’ve already found out personally, one of the league’s first priorities was to drill-down on online ticket sales. Then there’s the all-important …

Cool, Tracy Morgan Tweet-inspired logos!

California Redwoods Logo Michael Huyghue

(Alternative pronunciation: “Michael EUGGGGE”)

Minty fresh uniform colors:

United Football League Minty Fresh Uniforms Overseen By Michael Huyghue

(I’d brushed, flossed 26 times by the two-minute warning)

Room number-approved sideline reporters:

UFL Anita Marks sideline reporter photo video under close inspection by Michael Huyghue

(Anita Marks actually a doll. Hello ACC football opp?!)

Referees keeping close watch over touchdown celebrations while outfitted in the finest officially-licensed racquetball apparel money can buy:

UFL Football Photos Officials wearing finest racquetball apparel money can buy

But as you know, if a new league is really to succeed, the commissioner has to be able to generate credibility from the outset. Read more…

Vick Gets Offer From League That Doesn’t Exist

With our economy in free fall, I can’t think of a better time for someone to invest $60M in a team in a new pro football league. You?

Chicago Blitz Girls USFL

(Last forensic evidence that USFL ever existed - video after jump)

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY notes today, “the UFL (United Football League), which was hoping to have already unveiled its owners, now expects to do so by early next year, just months before the planned inaugural season. Owners must commit to invest between $30 million and $60 million in their franchises.”


“I’d like to have them now,” said UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue during an interview last week. “I feel good about four of the groups.”

He declined to identify any of the parties targeted for ownership.

I reiterate, this news came out TODAY. And it somehow gets better! Read more…