AFL Player Has ‘Roid Rage, Bites Off Guy’s Finger

The folks up in Tri-Cities, Washington, might want to reconsider who they just let roam the streets on bond. A former player for the area’s arena football minor league team (and really, is playing minor-league arena football really a professional sport at all?) has been bailed out of prison after allegedly punching several people and biting the fingertip off of a corrections officer.

Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno

(a recent photo of the defendant)

Yeah, you read that right. He bit an officer’s finger off. Apparently, Michael Hodges was taking steroids this past season. A lot of steroids. Enough to where he says he doesn’t remember any of the incidents where he assaulted various people. And while he’s awaiting trial, he’ll just be hanging out in the Tri-Cities region. The judge told him not to use any drugs while he’s out. I’m sure that will work. He’s like some sort of Incredible Hulk gone horribly wrong.

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Speed Read: Lakers & Hawks(!) Are Still Unbeaten

I guess it’s not that surprising that the Los Angeles Lakers have started off the NBA season undefeated - they return all the pieces from the Western Conference champions, with a healthy Andrew Bynum to boot. But the Atlanta Hawks? Really? In its own way, it’s almost as improbable as when the Houston Rockets went on that 22-game winning streak last season.

Al Horford

Clearly, it has to end at some point, and you would think sooner rather than later. But there the Hawks were last night, going into Chicago and taking out the Bulls 113-108 behind a career-high 27 points and 17 rebounds by Al Horford. And their starting PF Josh Smith isn’t even playing!

Kobe Bryant vs Mavericks

Of course, tonight is a bit of a litmus test, since they are playing the defending champion Boston Celtics. Win that game, and then we’ll really have something. As for the other undefeated team, the Lakers matched the Hawks (who often do you read that?) by beating the Mavericks 106-99. Meanwhile, Phil Jackson is so thrilled that he’s thinking about not coming back next season.

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