Mark Whicker Quite Unapologetic Before Apology

Mark Whicker of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER is in JOB-FIGHTING-LIFE mode after has Wednesday morning mail-in went off like the Unabomber authored it.

Mark Whicker Unapologetic before Apology

(I’m confused)

Wednesday night Whicker posted an apology for the piece on the Register’s website. Interestingly though, Whicker wasn’t so apologetic when he talked to Michael David Smith at AOL FANHOUSE earlier in the day about his Jaycee Dugard-included column.

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LA Times: UFC Install Soviet-Style Media Policy?

While the UFC grows in stature and popularity, it appears to be attempting to control as much of the message about UFC as possible. Certainly, having its own reality show helps since UFC President Dana White can control every frame of the presentation. Showing events through pay-per-view also helps keep all of the messengers in-house.

UFC 84

MOVABLE BUFFET, a Vegas blog from the LA TIMES, noticed other restrictions when trying to get credentials to cover UFC 84 and was less than pleased. According to Richard Abowitz of MOVABLE BUFFET, the restrictions would limit what he could write, when he could write it, and where the writing could be distributed. It led to quite the tête-à-tête:

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Cowher Responds To Penn St. “Internet” Rumors

Yesterday Michael David Smith of COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK speculated that Bill Cowher might be considering a move.

Bill Cowher throw

Not because his current Raleigh home was up for sale. Try as the new Penn State football coach. Read more…

Best Part Of SB Week (Besides Alex Smith’s Wife)

We don’t need to tell you that just because there are a lot of people doing the sports blogging thing doesn’t mean those blogs are worth reading. But when it comes to the Super Bowl, some choice bloggers saved Super Bowl week for us.

Alex Smith's Wife Carson Palmer Chris Mottram

First off, they made us realize that we should never, ever consider attending the week-long media charade leading up to the game - at least as a reporter. Second, over the past five days those folks have actually had the temerity to make things interesting. Not because the people and events covered were worthy of note, but because of the comedic and insightful writings of those bloggers. So here they are:

Chris Mottram of the THE SPORTING BLOG. Be sure and check out his “stalker” photo essay - which is the funniest thing we saw all week. More importantly, check out the photo of Alex Smith’s smokin’ wife.

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