Erin Andrews Sees ‘Predator’ In Person: ‘I Lost It’

Erin Andrews was at Federal court hearing in Los Angeles today where Michael David Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking her across three state lines. Federal prosecutors recommended that Barrett be given 27 months in prison.

Erin Andrews Talks About Michael David Barrett Outside L.A. Federal Courthouse

Andrews attorney Marshall Grossman said he will push for more jail time, which will be determined on Feb. 22. Grossman also said he thought the FBI investigation into Barrett was still ongoing and that Barrett had secretly videotaped “a dozen other women.”

Andrews talked to the media after the hearing. Here’s excerpts of some of her comments taken from a live feed:

“I wanted to go right in and get it over with. To see him (Barrett) face-to-face. The first couple minutes were very difficult. I lost it. My Dad was trying to help me keep it together. I looked at him a few times to see what his reaction was. Now that I’ve been thrust into this role, I want to the judge to see me and how emotional I was.

“I believe he should be classified as a sexual predator.  I want him to stay in jail as long as possible. He’s a threat to all women. I dont want somone else’s career to be ruined like this. It wont come off the internet.  Still to this day every time I check into a hotel room, I’m constantly looking around to see if he’s there. I wanted (today) to give the judge a sense of what he’s done.” Read more…

Photo: Actual Peephole Used To Film Erin Andrews

UPDATE (3:03pm PT): Michael Barrett pleased guilty today in L.A. to interstate stalking, he will be sentenced on Feb. 22. Federal prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 27 months per a plea agreement. Erin Andrews’ lawyer Marshall Grossman is expected to urge the judge to sentence Barrett to the maximium penalty of 60 months in Federal prison.

USA TODAY Travel writer Barbara De Lollis has what the outlet touts as an, “Exclusive photo of the modified peephole of Erin Andrews‘ room at the Marriott Nashville.

Modified Peephole That Was Used To Film Erin Andrews Nude

This is a never-before-published photograph of the peephole of Room 1051 at the Marriott Nashville at Vanderbilt University through which seven of the eight nude videos of Erin Andrews were shot, according to (Andrews attorney Marshall) Grossman, who provided Hotel Check-In with the photo.

De Lollis reports the peephole from the hallway side of the door can be popped off “in seconds” and fitted with devices for videotaping. Read more…

Closure: Erin Andrews In LA For Stalker Guilty Plea

This afternoon in a Los Angeles Federal court room Erin Andrews will for the first time face down the man, Michael David Barrett, who has admitted to filming nude peephole videos of her in hotel rooms and stalking her across state lines.

Michael Barrett Video Going To Court in Los Angeles Erin Andrews Stalker

Barrett in his guilty plea admits to not only distributing the videos of Andrews online, but also harassment that caused “substantial emotional distress” to Andrews. Barrett also acknowledges trying to sell nude videos of Andrews to the website, which is why the court case was staged here in Los Angeles.

Admitted Erin Andrews stalker Michael David Barrett

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EA Stalker Cops Plea After ‘Hot Blonde’ Discovery

I received the following statement today from the attorney of Michael David Barrett, who is accused of making nude peephole videos of Erin Andrews:

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

Mr. Barrett accepts full responsibility for his conduct. He apologizes to Ms. Andrews, and expresses his deep regret for his conduct that caused her so much pain.

Barrett will now plead guilty in a Los Angeles federal court. He faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the interstate charge stalking charge related to Andrews.

Barrett initially pled not guilty in court and appeared as though he was going to fight the accusation. So why the change of heart?

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Feds: EA Stalker Filmed Another Naked Woman

WLS-TV in Chicago reports this afternoon the FBI has served search warrants at the Northern California offices of Yahoo and Google in connection with the Erin Andrews nude peephole video case.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

One of the items they want from Yahoo is a video of another naked woman posted in June to Investigators believe the account belongs to 48-year-old Michael Barrett of Westmont.

So the Feds think Michael Barrett was uploading video of another naked woman? Read more…

Erin Andrews’ Alleged Stalker: “I Am Not Guilty”

This morning here in Los Angeles, the man accused of filming peephole nude videos of Erin Andrews, Michael David Barrett, pleaded not guilty to one count of interstate stalking.

Michael Barrett Video Going To Court in Los Angeles Erin Andrews Stalker

Barrett’s trial is scheduled to begin on Jan. 12.

Barrett faces five years in federal prison if convicted. Barring any unforeseen details of his defense, you would think he could be facing a maximum sentence. If he’s indeed guilty of the crimes, let’s hope so.

Update: Judge Calls Andrews Stalker “Flight Risk”

TMZ reports this afternoon from Michael Barrett’s court proceeding in L.A. that the judge presiding over the interstate stalking case has raised Barrett’s bail from $20,000 to $100,000, along with forbidding Erin Andrews‘ accused stalker from texting. Barrett was also ordered to turn over his passport and he can only phone immediate family members.

Michael Barrett Video Going To Court in Los Angeles Erin Andrews Stalker

Barrett did post bail and was allowed to walk out of court a free man - for now.

Michael David Barrett, the man who stalked and filmed nude peephole video of Erin Andrews, had his first day in court in Los Angeles today:

Thankfully, the TMZ cameraman had the “submarine” lens setting fully enabled and was well-prepared to query Barrett with insightful questions - as you’ll see after the jump.

Will Erin Andrews’ accused stalker plead out, or go to trial?

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Andrews Was Also Filmed Nude In Ohio, Milwaukee reports today that Erin Andrews peephole video stalker, Michael Barrett, also filmed her in a Columbus hotel room in Jan., 2008 and Milwaukee in July and September, 2008.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

The feds say Barrett then posted the videos on a Google video account calling the video, “Erin Andrews Naked Butt.”

TMZ also reports on a statement from Barrett’s attorney that sounds like he’s ready to initiate some sort of plea agreement. Read more…

Blog Jam: Anti-Adidas Pose In USA B-Ball Photo?

Darren Rovell of CNBC sees a pro-Nike, anti-Adidas conspiracy afoot in this photo of the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

USA Basketball team pro-Nike photo

• Ouch! THE FIGHTINS pitches up video of the Padres’ Michael Barrett taking a foul ball to the face. At least his left testicle wasn’t fractured.

• WITH LEATHER (via MACHOCHIP) thinks ESPN is a whiz for coming up with a urinal that features a soccer ball & goal.

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