Shocking Charges Of Bra-Ripping Mar LFL Opener

If you read our post on Tuesday on the Lingerie Football League opener in Chicago, or better yet if you attended, you know that at least one player was tackled by her panties and, at least for a moment, lay pantsless on the playing field. But it turns out that was apparently only the tip of the iceberg.

According to one player on the losing team, the Miami Caliente, members of the Chicago Bliss were routinely using dirty tactics, including elbow gouging and bra ripping. (Gasp) I don’t have any actual photos of the latter (at least none I’ll share), but she swears it’s true. Chicago chicks play dirty.

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Lingerie Football League Opener Is Quite Revealing

At least on the surface of things, Friday’s Lingerie Football League season opener wasn’t a rousing success. They were only able to fill about a quarter of the Sears Centre, according to one eyewitness, for the game between the Miami Caliente and the home Chicago Bliss. This despite the fact that there were several wardrobe malfunctions such as this. Heavens!

People didn’t even show up for all of the gratuitous Mike Ditka. When you can’t get Chicagoans to go out to see Ditka and scantily clad hot football chicks, your league may have a problem. One winner, however, was the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, which for some reason sent a photographer to the game and produced an elaborate photo gallery on their web site. Hey, Sam Zell needs the page views. Read more…

Week in Review: The Soon-to-be Sharapova of Golf

• Meet Maria Verchenova, the swinging Russian sweetie who hopes to do in golf what fellow countrywoman Maria Sharapova has done in tennis.

Maria Verchenova

Glen “Big Baby” Davis makes Magic fans cry by hitting a game-winning shot - then bowls over a young courtside spectator. Of course, the kid’s dad isn’t very happy with the Raging Luna-Celtic.

• A Baltimore-area stripper claims that there’s nothing Michael Phelps likes better than sex & spitting tobacco.

• That Nuggets-Mavericks series certainly was a fierce one. If it wasn’t Mark Cuban getting into it with Kenyon Martin’s mom, it was Carmelo Anthony’s fiancee LaLa Vasquez jawing with Dallas fans.

• But Dirk Nowitzki steered clear of any such confrontations, since he had his own problems with his own fraudulent fiancee. Hey, Dirk - Tony Banks feels your pain.

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Miami Caliente Holds Hot Lingerie Football Tryouts

• Tryouts were held for the Lingerie Football League’s Miami Caliente, and some of the resulting scenes were, dare I say, en fuego:

Miami Caliente lingerie football

Mark Cuban uses his blog to apologize to Kenyon Martin’s mom. But if you think the Mavs-Nuggets rivalry has cooled off, just ask LaLa Vasquez.

• The Dodgers know what women want - their own online radio broadcast!

• The Blackhawks scalp the Canucks, while the Caps force a Game 7.

• A slimmer Jessica Simpson sings at Sea World, much to PETA’s chargin.

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Lingerie Football Heats Up w/Miami Team Tryouts

Sure, we’re right in the middle of some exciting NBA & NHL playoff action, and the MLB season is well underway. But we’re still a few months before the start of the sport many American truly live & die for: Lingerie football! Yes, pigskin in panties! Gridiron in garters! Blocking schemes in bras!

Miami Caliente lingerie football

The Lingerie Football League season doesn’t kick off until September, but like their brethren in the NFL, the ladies of the LFL still need the summer months to get themselves into football shape. (No, not into the shape of footballs. That would be silly - and defeat the whole purpose of lingerie football).

We previously covered (or uncovered) the progress of some of the new LFL franchises, like the Denver Dream, the Seattle Mist, and the Tampa Breeze - or more specifically, Tampa Breeze players Melissa Berry & Reby Sky. And now we take a peek at South Florida’s entry into the lingerie league - the Miami Caliente.

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