Rodman Dines, Dashes, And Possibly Assaults

Throughout his lifetime there has been a recurring theme to Dennis Rodman. Whether he was on the court, or off it, he seems plagued by the same thing whatever he’s doing. He just makes bad decisions.  Whether he was kicking a cameraman, or more recently choosing a reality show reunion over rehab. Or dropping all those F-bombs in front of the kids. Or deciding to make a movie about playing basketball with a team of dwarfs. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so bad, but you get the point.

Well, Rodman is still being Dennis Rodman as he and some friends decided to eat dinner at a hotel in Miami on Friday night. The group racked up a $1,000 bill, which is pretty expensive for some dinner. They were probably thinking the same thing, and then they decided they didn’t want to pay the bill, so they dined and dashed.

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More Details In Stallworth’s Fatal Miami Collision

Miami Beach police are slowly releasing more details about receiver Donte Stallworth’s fatal accident with a pedestrian last month, and things aren’t looking any better for the Browns’ oft-injured pass catcher. That means that just when Stallworth appears to be getting a break, a new wrinkle makes it look like his action was even more crass than originally thought.

donte stallworth browns

(Does “flashing” a rushing pedestrian really equate to adequate warning?)

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Stallworth hit 59-year-old Mario Reyes in the far left lane of the six-lane MacArthur Causeway, where Stallworth was speeding by 10 miles-per-hour at 7 o’clock on a Sunday morning. Believe it or not, that’s actually better than the original story, which held that Reyes was hit within the road’s crosswalk. Yet the much more troubling detail coming out is that Stallworth claims he “flashed his car’s headlights” to warn Reyes before running him down in the road.

Naturally, that begs a pretty obvious question: How could Stallworth have time to recognize there was a man in front of him, with his muscle memory triggering a warning flash of his headlights (a motor response that would take at least a second or two) but not have time to react by breaking with full power and swerving to avoid contact? As far as we can tell, there’s no reason.

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Video: Stallworth Sobriety Test After Car Accident

The MIAMI HERALD has uncovered video footage of the aftermath of Donte Stallworth’s auto accident in Miami that left a 59-year-old man dead.

Donte Stallworth sobriety test

Early Saturday morning, Stallworth was driving his Bentley on the MacArthur Causeway when he struck & killed Mario Reyes, who was reportedly trying to cross the street to catch a bus.

Police & rescue workers soon arrived on the scene - the workers trying to revive Reyes, while the police gave Stallworth a sobriety test. Video of the scene (which may be uncomfortable to some viewers) is after the jump.

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MLB To Remain In Miami After Stadium Deal OK’d

The MIAMI HERALD reports that the Marlins will be remaining in Miami, after city & county officials approved a deal for a new ballpark.

Marlins new stadium Billy the Marlin mascot

Two separate votes by the Miami City Commission and the Miami-Dade County Commission sealed the deal Thursday night. The $525 million plan calls for a new 37,000-seat stadium (complete with a retractable roof) to be built on the soon-to-be vacant Orange Bowl site.

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Sean Taylor Surviving Girlfriend Was Andy Garcia Niece

NOW IF ONLY HE COULD’VE SAVED US FROM GODFATHER III The MIAMI HERALD reports that the girlfriend of Sean Taylor, who survived the shooting that resulted in Taylor’s death, is the niece of actor Andy Garcia.

Andy Garcia

Jacqueline Garcia survived the attack on Taylor that left him dead. The couple’s daughter also made it through unscathed, and actor Garcia claims that Taylor was the reason: “His heroic action on that tragic night saved their life and is a testament to his humanity and courage.”We’re not denying that Taylor acted in the proper way to save his wife and daughter, but our question is, if Taylor had moved out of Miami, would any of this had happened?

Sean Taylor Dies From Gunshot Wound In Home Attack


Sean Taylor Redskins

The Redskins safety passed away early Tuesday morning at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Hours of surgery couldn’t save Taylor, after he suffered massive blood loss from a gunshot wound to the groin.There was a slight chance of hope for Taylor’s recovery, when the player awoke from a coma Monday evening, and responded to a doctor’s request by squeezing his hand.

The gunman who shot Taylor at his Palmetto Bay home still remains at large.

Shaquille O’Neal Sells His Miami Watefront Mansion to A-Rod

SHAQ SELLING MIAMI MANSION TO UNEMPLOYED A-ROD: Shaq has finally sold his house, apparently to A-Rod:

Shaq A-Rod

The DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW reports the Heat center finally found a buyer for his Biscayne Bay mansion. O’Neal had set the original asking price at $35 million, but it looks like he’s settling for $27 million instead.And sources say the ex-Yankee 3rd baseman is the one who snatched up the property. Rodriguez reportedly has been looking for an abode bigger than his current Coral Gables home.

Shaquille O'Neal bed

O’Neal bought the waterfront estate for $18.8 million in 2004. He actually tried to unload the place in 2005, but found success similar to his free throw percentage.As the house deal gets finalized, can we now start the ARod-to-Marlins rumors?

WAXY Miami Radio Host Luther Campbell Calls Kobe Bryant Gay

BRIGHT IDEA! 2 LIVE CREW RAPPER AS SPORTS RADIO HOST We spent part of last week in Miami, and during our stay was treated to the sports radio wonderment that is WAXY-AM’s “Uncle Luke and Terry Kirby” show.

2 Live Crew Luther Campbell

“Uncle Luke” is notorious 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell, who was debuting what is a weekly Saturday evening show. Former Dolphins disappointment (get in line) Terry Kirby is the co-host, but it was Campbell who dominated the proceedings.From what we heard, the show consisted of Campbell talking, sometimes incoherently, about the youth football teams he coaches (think Snoop), breaking down local high school football matchups, dropping n-bombs on Kirby, and calling Kobe Bryant “gay”.

MIAMI SPORTS BLOG recorded the latter moment, reporting that Campbell said, “Kobe is gay. Anyone who’s seen him out at the club know it, Kobe is gay.

The show was a major stinkbomb and we give it a couple months - until a major advertiser’s (car dealer) wife here’s a snippet of Campbell’s verbal diarrhea - and hubby threatens to pull his spots. Then again, that theory might be dead wrong, since the majority of sponsors on the station were local rub joints (including live remotes and live reads from hosts - classic stuff!). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

790 The Ticketchick Miami

Outside of the Campbell debacle though, we must express our surprise at the quality of WAXY’s (790 The Ticket) local shows. The hosts we heard throughout the day (we missed Sid Rosenberg’s morning hangover show - drat!) were knowledgeable and entertaining. About the only show we found to be lacking was, ironically, the afternoon drive affair hosted by Miami Herald and ESPN personality Dan LeBatard.

Dan LeBatard

Like most print media guys, LeBatard fills the show with stupid gadget features designed to fill time - mostly user call-in parody songs. He also suffers from kiss-ass syndrome when interviewing high profile guests, like the exchange we heard with Pat Riley (after LeBatard had spent the previous two days ripping Riley’s ass for an idle offseason).LeBatard has strong opinions and can be funny, so it’s disappointing that he doesn’t give listeners more of what he does best.

If sports radio PDs want a lesson on the type of local talent to hire (besides the throwaway Campbell weekend show), dial up WAXY and take notes. But be sure to keep the wifey away from the station’s president:

Joel Feinberg

Dennis Rodman Hosting Halloween Party In Miami

RODMAN GETTING HIS SPOOK ON FOR MIAMI HALLOWEEN: Looking for a really scary time on Halloween? Why not get swept up in Rodmania!

Dennis Rodman Cher

Dennis Rodman will be worming his way to Miami, as the Bad Boy will be hosting the spooky event Friday night at a local racetrack & casino.For only $20, you can partake in drink specials, DJ music, and lots & lots of loud drunks in sexy & psuedo-sexy costumes - with big prizes for those looking the sluttiest!

Dennis Rodman costume

But if you’re gonna come dressed as a waitress, be sure to buffer your behind.