Julie Foudy Has Breast Feeding Vision Of Mia Hamm

FUTURE MOM MIA HAMM CAN FINALLY USE HER HANDS: Julie Foudy and Mia Hamm know each other pretty darn well. They played together on the Women’s U.S. National Soccer team for 18 years, retiring together in 2004 (and in since probably you missed it, Tuesday they were inducted together in the National Soccer Hall of Fame).

Mia Hamm Nomar Garciaparra Photos

Foudy, now an ESPN analyst who gave birth to a daughter in January, is preparing Hamm (a.k.a. Mrs. Nomar Garciaparra), who is expecting twins in mid-April, for motherhood:

I told her, `I can’t wait to see you breast-feeding double-fisted.’ It’s challenging enough with one.”

Mia Hamm Twins Photos

Yeah, it’ll be difficult for Hamm, since everyone knows she already has one mouth to feed.

Womens Soccer League WUSA Preparing To Relaunch

WOMEN’S SOCCER LEAGUE SEARCHES OUT SUGAR DADDYS: ESPNSoccernet.com reports that plans are in place for the WUSA women’s pro soccer league to relaunch with as many as eight teams next year.

Only three investors will likely own all the teams, and Tonya Antonucci, who is the CEO of something called the Women’s Soccer Inititative, is “optimistic that she’ll soon get enough additional signatures to relaunch the league in Spring 2008 with a minimum of eight teams.

AEG, which owns five MLS teams, is likely to be one of the investors, and Antonucci said that 11 markets in which the league will likely eventually field clubs are Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, DC, New York, Rochester, Atlanta, San Diego and Cary, North Carolina.

United Soccer League Atlanta Silverbacks Owner Boris Jerkunica, along with every other breathing human in the hemisphere, thinks the relaunch will be doomed: “Our worry is that (the attendance) is not going to be as high, due to the women’s national team not being as popular.

“There is also a lack of household stars. The average person knows Mia Hamm. I don’t think the average person knows anyone on the national team now.

I guess Jerkunica has never been on a major college campus, where one can observe the fraudulent wonderment that is Title IX.

I know you know that the only hope for the league is to find benefactors willing to subsidize the same politically-correct model as Title IX (and David Stern’s rapidly-cratering WNBA). In other words, find enough saps who are willing to throwing millions down a rathole with no hope for any return (financial or otherwise) on their investment.

WUSA Needs Strip Joint Sugar Daddys

Those finances sound a lot like the Canadian healthcare system, or more specifically, the way business is transacted at various gentlemen’s clubs throughout this great land. I’m guessing that for a mere (hands-free) lapdance, Heather could get the WUSA restarted in a jiff.

In related news, the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER reports that WNBA Charlotte Sting folded this week and the HOUSTON CHRONCILE notes that the once model WNBA franchise in Houston has been put up for sale.


TOOL’S BOX: This week’s soccer wives gallery is brought to you by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

Nomar Garciaparra Mia Hamm

It’s an extremely anemic effort, featuring a measly ten photos and somehow including this.

The SI traffic-grab-attempt also failed to feature the hottest soccer spouse on the planet:

Valentina Liguori Zambrotta

Valentina Ligouri (wife of Italia’s Zambrotta).

SI.com compiles a list of "the most yawn…

SI.com compiles a list of "the most yawn-inducing superstars in sports and their favorite cliches":

1) Tim Duncan: "I’m very excited that we are in the Western Conference Finals again." 2) Tiger Woods: "Well, I’m just out here playing. I’m trying to get my ball in the right position. That’s what I focus on." 3) Kurt Warner: "It really is no issue. People want to make it an issue. That’s fine. That’s what they do. That’s their job. So be it. I’m not going to comment on any of that stuff." 4) Bernie Williams: "I try to attack the pitches that I can handle. I try not to go away from my zone. That’s my basic philosophy of hitting." 5) Jeff Gordon: "I know I’m not perfect. Now, if people find out I’m not, it’s not the end of the world."6) Mia Hamm: "At a very young age, my parents were incredibly supportive." 7) Pete Sampras: "I’m going to watch some of Wimbledon on TV. I’ll be curious." 8) Joe Sakic: "You just want to make sure you try and score and not embarrass yourself out there."

If you still haven’t reached your cliche quotient, try this.

- JUNE 4, 2003

Cubs pitcher Shawn Estes uncorked this comment on Sammy Sosa - as heard on ESPN Radio last night: "Kerry Wood and I were more worried about what type of vintage cork he had in his bat. … We were predicting that he had a ‘94 Cabernet in there, but we couldn’t get a piece of it."

REUTERS reports that British psychologist Pr…

REUTERS reports that British psychologist Priscilla Choi of England’s Keele University is claiming that attractive, high-profile female athletes are the reason that more women don’t excercise.

Choi reported to the British Association for the Advancement of Science that fewer women than men take up an exercise and those that do often do not continue because of the emphasis on looking good.

So I guess Priscilla would prefer is all female pro athletes played their sports in a potato sack.

Choi also said that Anna Kournikova is more popular than Serena and Venus because she is more attractive. If Choi is so interested in advancing women in sports - why make that purely subjective claim?

I know plenty of guys that would prefer Serena or Venus over Anna.

Professor Choi also is evidently unaware that along with soccer player Mia Hamm, Venus and Serena get paid more for endorsments than any female athletes on the planet.


The FT. LAUDERDALE SUN-SENTINEL reports "thousands of tiny black-and-white signs" that said "Save the WUSA" were visible during Sunday’s Sweden-U.S. Women’s World Cup match at RFK Stadium.

The WASHINGTON TIMES notes another poster read, "Boycott McDonald’s and Nike," an attack on the companies "for not helping the fledgling WUSA."

Yeah, it’s Nike and McDonald’s fault for not subsidizing a league that no one ever cared about it. A guess we can instead leave that up to the American taxpayers - thanks to Title IX.

Mike Lupica on ESPN’s "Sports Reporters": "I’m sorry for Mia Hamm and all the rest of them, but it doesn’t make this a bad country and it doesn’t make you a bad citizen if you didn’t even know the WUSA existed. The guys running soccer just didn’t have David Stern’s deep pockets or his even deeper ego."

The WUSA women’s pro soccer league shut down …

The WUSA women’s pro soccer league shut down yesterday - and there’s at least one man that couldn’t be happier.

The BOSTON HERALD reported before the league announcement that WUSA Washington Freedom player Mia Hamm "want(ed) to be traded" to the Boston Breakers so she could be closer to her fiance, Nomar Garciaparra.

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports there are rumor…

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports there are rumors that Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra are having a baby.
That makes two that Mia will have to nurse.

The WUSA announced Mia Hamm will take part in…

The WUSA announced Mia Hamm will take part in NBC’s week-long "Trading Places" series on the "Today" show. On May 14th, Hamm will switch spots with news anchor Ann Curry.

Curry will practice with Hamm’s WUSA team and Hamm attend to some of Curry’s duties on the show.

ESPN.com reports that as Jon Bon Jovi introdu…

ESPN.com reports that as Jon Bon Jovi introduced the Arena Football League’s Soul in Philadelphia, soccer player Mia Hamm "walked through the lobby of a Philadelphia hotel without being noticed. Instead, fans – and several of her U.S. teammates – headed" for Bon Jovi.

U.S. women’s national soccer team member Cindy Parlow, on if she asked Bon Jovi to invest in the WUSA: "No. Maybe I should have."