Woman Charged In Stall Sex ‘Didn’t Know’ Partner

UPDATE: Photos of the couple here.

The DES MOINES REGISTER (via the MINNY TRIBUNE), has an unintentionally amusing interview the Iowa woman caught having sex in a Metrodome bathroom stall during the recent Minnesota-Iowa football game.

Dirty ADA restroom sign

Lois Feldman, who was fired today from her job as an adminstrator at an assisted living center, says the incident has, “ruined my life.”

All the more amazing when you consider Feldman claims she had no idea who she had sex with. Read more…

Hope That Metrodome Stall Sex Pair Used A Baggie

Having sex in the bathroom stall at a football game. A pair of Buffalo Bills fans might have started it with a dirty tryst at Ralph Wilson Stadium, but it looks like the phenomenon has made its way to the college game as well. The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE says that a couple were arrested during Saturday night’s Minnesota vs. Iowa game for making the beast with two incredibly disgusting backs, to the delight of a cheering crowd.

Dirty ADA restroom sign

Fans having sex at the Metrodome? I hope someone handed them a spare Homer Hankie when they were done. And I certainly hope that they practiced safe sex - it gives new meaning to “The Baggie” - although I can’t imagine that very much can be considered “safe” when you are having sex in a bathroom stall.

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