The Metrodome’s Final, Awesome, Two-Night Party

If you don’t count the film “Little Big League,” was there ever a more magical two-day stretch in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome than Oct. 5-6, 2009? First Brett Favre switches jerseys and tames the hated Green Bay Packers, then they take a few hours to sweep the place out and people file in to do it all over again, the Twins winning a one-game playoff with the Tigers in 12 innings, 6-5.

It wasn’t exactly Rio after winning the 2016 Olympics, but it was about as raucous as Minnesotans get. And we shall never see its likes again: The Twins are gone to a new, open-air home next season, the Vikings left to share the dome with the occasional garden expo and Promise Keepers evangelical Christian service. Read more…

The Vikings Welcome You To Mall Of America Field

If you’ve ever been to the Mall of America, then you know that it takes up several acres, the merchandise is expensive, there’s lots of food and often hanky-panky is going on in the restrooms. Just like the Metrodome. Well, now the two have merged, in a sense.

No longer will it be known at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome … sorry, Hubert. When the Vikings take on the Packers on Sunday Monday, it will be at the Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, thanks to a new naming rights partnership that was signed today. And to mark the occasion, of course, the Vikings again threatened to move to Los Angeles when their lease is up. Read more…

Veggie-Friendly Teams Play Like Vegetarian Crap

PETA doesn’t want you to have that hot dog at the game. They don’t want you to set up a grill to tailgate in the parking lot. Basically, they don’t want you to have any fun at a football game. And now to make it easier for you to not have fun, they’ve ranked the top five most vegetarian friendly NFL stadiums. And with a combined record of 25-34-1, it’s not hard to wonder if those five teams are getting enough protein.

Fat Guy Eating Burger

Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego took the top spot, for their “bean burritos, veggie sushi rolls, vegetable wraps, veggie hot dogs, and Gardenburgers.” I’m not surprised that San Diegans are watching their figures; most just use sporting events as an excuse to get a base tan. But the other ones on the list, including two perennial contenders for the fattest city in America, leave me scratching my head.

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Hope That Metrodome Stall Sex Pair Used A Baggie

Having sex in the bathroom stall at a football game. A pair of Buffalo Bills fans might have started it with a dirty tryst at Ralph Wilson Stadium, but it looks like the phenomenon has made its way to the college game as well. The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE says that a couple were arrested during Saturday night’s Minnesota vs. Iowa game for making the beast with two incredibly disgusting backs, to the delight of a cheering crowd.

Dirty ADA restroom sign

Fans having sex at the Metrodome? I hope someone handed them a spare Homer Hankie when they were done. And I certainly hope that they practiced safe sex - it gives new meaning to “The Baggie” - although I can’t imagine that very much can be considered “safe” when you are having sex in a bathroom stall.

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Blog-A-Roni: Letterman Reveals SI Swimsuit Cover

• THE FOOTIE finds footage of David Letterman revealing the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s 2008 swimsuit issue featuring Marisa Miller.

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated cover David Letterman

• INTENTIONAL FOUL comes across audio of John Rocker throwing Bud Selig under the bus.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE puts up their dukes, as they offer this indoor lacrosse fight.

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