Lisa Mayfield Arrested: Assault, Trespassing, Intox

Every time we get the notion that the Jeremy Mayfield Meth Saga is over and done and he’s going to come clean, something inexplicably pops up that lends credence to his story, and we’re forced to reconsider facts of the case that would otherwise be beyond second thought.

Meet the Mayfields
(Meet the Mayfields! One of them’s in a metric f**kton of trouble for meth use… and it’s not the one on the left.)

To wit, the last time we heard from Lisa Mayfield, she was testifying in federal court that she had witnessed Jeremy purchase, manufacture, and use methamphetamines dozens of times over the last 10 years or so. Jeremy, as you’ll also recall, responded by calling her “basically a whore” who “killed [his] father.” Doesn’t look good for Jeremy, right? Well, it sure didn’t… until Lisa got arrested on a litany of charges this weekend on Jeremy’s property.

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Witnesses Testifying To Jeremy Mayfield Meth Use

It’s basically impossible to sum up the Jeremy Mayfield meth saga in one paragraph, much less one sentence, but - in true Blogfrican fashion - we’re gonna do it anyway! Near as we can tell, it’s this: “NASCAR: Um, we have tests that say Mayfield is a meth user. Mayfield: Nuh uh! Nuh uh nuh uh nuh uh! NASCAR: Yeah, holy crap, yes you are. Mayfield: You suck and I hate you!”

Jeremy Mayfield
(How can he be doing meth? I can see his teeth. All of them.)

Really, that’s as much as we can divine from this mess. Lengthy court battles, fake doctors, wild accusations - LeBron be damned, this has to be the soap opera of the year. And now it looks like NASCAR is tightening the screws on their case against Mayfield.

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Surprise! Mayfield Tests Positive For Meth Again

Jeremy Mayfield has turned into a remarkable sideshow these days. Far from the NASCAR driver and businessman roles he has played in years past, Mayfield has been embroiled in a bizarre, downright disturbing controversy over one of the worst, most destructive drugs on the planet: methamphetamines.

Jeremy Mayfield
(That’s meth hair if we’ve ever seen it! Wait, hairstyles aren’t legally sufficient evidence of drug use? Screw it, we’re getting out of this investigation.)

Mayfield has consistently denied usage, but his latest positive test for meth - after a curious-to-say-the-least seven-hour delay in procuring the sample - is rather damning, and certainly more telling than anything that comes out of his mouth.  And now, it appears his family is adding their reports to the story, and it doesn’t look good for Mayfield.

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Mayfield Finds NASCAR Drug Test Trouble. Again

You probably remember the saga of Jeremy Mayfield, his bizarre positive test for methamphetamines and the ensuing follies. As sublimely entertaining as it would be to put a tweaker behind the wheel of a car pushing 190 mph, it’s probably dangerous, and he was suspended despite repeated denials of drug use.

Jeremy Mayfield trophy
(He would later make a meth bong out of the trophy. Those exist, right?)

Perhaps a federal judge was swayed by Mayfield’s insistence that the positive test came from his Adderall prescription and other over-the-counter medication, or maybe he felt that an injunction was fair while the mess was sorted out, but either way, the courts temporarily lifted the suspension given to Mayfield as the lawsuits his team and NASCAR filed against each other were dealt with. Mayfield was free to race again, but was still subject to random drug testing by NASCAR. And that’s where the fun begins.

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Mayfield’s Meth Defense Rests On Phony Doctor

Remember, if you will, that NASCAR’s Jeremy Mayfield was busted under the league’s substance abuse policy for a positive drug test that has been confirmed to indicate methamphetamines. In Mayfield’s resultant lawsuit, his case relies heavily upon NASCAR’s drug testing, with an expert witness calling the entire procedure’s integrity into question.

Doctor Nick
(”Hi, everybody!”)

One tiny problem with Mayfield’s defense: his expert witness is probably a bigger fraud than Springfield’s own Dr. Nick (and, in all likelihood, not as jovial). NASCAR’s lawyers unloaded a monster of a motion in court today, systematically dissecting every aspect of Dr. Harvey MacFenerstein*’s resume. If they’re right, Mayfield’s attorneys are either blind stupid… or putting together the most subtly brilliant plea of ignorance we’ve ever seen.

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ESPN: NASCAR’s Mayfield Tests Positive For Meth

After NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield tested positive on May 9 for a banned substance, there’s been a swirling undercurrent of rumor and whispers, all of which has been significantly spurred along by Mayfield’s repeated insistence that it was due to over-the-counter medication. Hell, he even sued to get back on the track, even while doctors have issued statements that have essentially said, “there is no way he’s telling the truth.”

Meth Shards
(Trust me, this isn’t a Google Image search you ever, ever want to do.)

ESPN THE MAGAZINE has broken through the gag orders and redactions to find the drug for which Mayfield tested positive, and uh… this ain’t good, Jeremy. This ain’t good at all. According to two independent sources, the substance in question was methamphetamine. DaaamnRead more…