New HS Insanity: “No Good Because We Said So”

This season, we’ve seen two new and unexpected ways for high school games to end on missed field goals. There was the “blocked field goal returned by the kicking team” and the “missed field goal so short the other team spikes it with totally disastrous consequences”. Suffice it to say, that’s about all the madness we can expect from game-ending field goals and oh god here we go again.

West vs. Edison Game-Winning(?) Field Goal Screencap
(Oh, just wait until you see the video.)

That’s a screenshot of a last-second field goal attempt by the Merrill F. West High Wolf Pack of Tracy, CA, against local rivals Edison High. Edison was protecting a 22-21 lead, but West’s Adam Crandall was sent out to kick a 35-yarder to win it. This being high school, Crandall’s kick of modest distance still hit the crossbar, but then apparently bounced over for the victory. Slight problem; as you can see above, the referee is ducking out of the way, and thus not watching the ball. You can probably guess what ensued.

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