Vandals Deface Yow Mural, Punch Ticket To Hell

While the Founding Fathers insisted that all men were created equal, we can safely conclude that not all men are created equally. The reason I bear no resemblance to LeBron James (or, if you want to take melatonin out of the equation, Dolph Lundgren in the early 80s) isn’t just a matter of a lackadaisical approach to exercise, but factors determined at or before my very conception. And let’s face it. Some people are born without legs, some without imagination, some without a sense of humor. And then there’s the folks in North Carolina who were obviously born without - and now live without - any sense of tragedy whatsoever.

Be Polite Vandalism
(In this instance, the sign had it coming.)

As you undoubtedly recall, last week, North Carolina State’s famed women’s basketball coach Kay Yow finally succumbed to cancer after fighting it for years. The school, conference, and college basketball world have been solemn and respectful as they remembered the matriarch of east coast college basketball, and one of the many tributes was a mural in NCSU’s Free Expression Tunnel, which is exactly what it sounds like. But placing a tribute to Yow in the one place on campus where graffiti is legal and encouraged may not have been the wisest idea, as it has already fallen victim to vandalism of a ludicrously offensive nature:

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