Jets Favre Clearance Starts 3 Hrs After Retirement

Leave it to CNBC’s Darren Rovell to think of the apparel sales angle to the retirement of a historic quarterback. As soon as ESPN broke the story about Brett Favre retiring at 9:30 this morning, Rovell started a stopwatch to see how long it would take for the New York Jets to launch a memorabilia clearance sale. The answer turned out to be roughly three hours.

brett favre ad jets shop

So, now the Jets Shop is offering anything with Favre’s name, number or likeness at a whopping 50 percent off, allegedly to celebrate his career. Of course, they’re really doing it to get all the crap off their shelves.

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Mike Lowell Used Jock Strap On Ebay Taken Down By Site

STRAPPED FOR CASH? TRY SELLING MIKE LOWELL’S JOCK: Someone named Phil Castinetti might have been caught up in this whole, nasty sub-prime mortgage fiasco, because he REALLY needs the money. The BOSTON HERALD reports Ebay caught Castinetti, who sells sports memorabilia, trying to sell a Mike Lowell-used jock strap on Ebay.

Red Sox Run

Excerpt: “Red Sox captain Jason Varitek’s game-used spandex undies sold for $255 on eBay the other day, but the cyber auction site couldn’t support the sale of World Series MVP Mike Lowell’s jock.SportsWorld memorabilia man Phil Castinetti said eBay yanked Mike’s well-used athletic supporter - with his number on it - from the site the other day, saying it was ‘adult-oriented’ material.

Castinetti: “I’ll just sell them in the store. I figure since he was the World Series MVP, I can get $200 to $250 for it. People collect stuff that’s different. They’re tired of baseball cards. And they seem to like the game-worn stuff. It’s nuts, it really is.

OK, he apparently really did say that.