No Wonder He Was Misty: Anthony’s ‘Extreme’ DUI

CBS 4 in Denver digs up the police documents on the details of Carmelo Anthony’s DUI arrest, and it isn’t pretty.

Carmelo Anthony Extreme DUI Mugshot Video

According to the report, when Anthony was pulled over he, “had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, blood shot watery eyes, speech was mumbling slurred.

At times police described the 23-year-old NBA star as “polite,” but at other times they said he was “sarcastic” and “uncooperative.” Those involved in the case said Anthony badly failed every roadside sobriety test that was administered. When he was asked to take nine steps, heel to toe, then turn around and take another nine steps, he forgot to perform the second half of the maneuver, according to police. CBS4 has also learned that when he was asked to stand on one leg, he swayed, put his foot down and “gave up,” telling an officer, “I don’t have good balance.”

Later, when police were interviewing Anthony, they asked him if he knew where he was. “No clue,” he told police.

It’s tough to call out Anthony for that kind of thing, because many of us have been in similar condition while driving and were never been pulled over. As we stated earlier, Melo’s number just came up. That’s the nature of most DUIs. But let us be clear, we are not endorsing drinking and driving. We’re just telling the truth of how we all know it is.

So we’re not going to castigate Carmelo for his bad life choice and even worse luck. But we will excoriate the Denver police for something else contained in the police report. Read more…