Melky Cabrera Caught Showing Off to Yanks Fans

I have never been to Yankee Stadium, so I have no idea about these “Bleacher Creatures” and their propensity to scream things at people on the field. But, for the similarly uneducated of “youse” out there, what they do is chant each player’s name to start off the game. When a player’s name gets chanted, he tips his cap to the fans.

Melky Oops

Oooo’s and ahhhh’s all around for the majesty of Yankee Stadium, right? Until someone like Melky Cabrera decides to get greedy and, as NYY STADIUM INSIDER tells us, tip his cap while fielding the ball. Silly Melky, tricks are for A-Rod.

Video of Melky’s gaffe after the jump.
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