Stern: Mary Carey-Melky Cabrera Have Sex Tape

MARKS FRIGGIN reports that yesterday, sex-for-money performer Mary Carey appeared on Howard Stern.

Melky Cabrera-Mary Carey  Sex Tape

(Howard Stern claims he’s seen Cabrera, Carey having sex on video)

During the visit, Stern claimed that he saw a video of Carey having sex with Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera. I wasn’t able to find any such production online, but I do remember seeing Carey in a vid a couple months ago - as she attemped to communicate with a shirtless Cabrera in a random hotel room. Hmmm.

Mary Carey Jason Smith

(Athletes having sex with Mary? Get on the back of the train)

So, did they indeed have sex?

Mary Carey Sixers

(See a pattern developing?)

And how did Cabrera, who speaks spare English, end up ensnarled with a porno parasite like Carey? (Video after the jump.)

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