Lakers Win Due To No Goaltending Call On Gasol?

• The Lakers had a tougher time in Game 2, needing overtime to beat the Magic - and no goaltending calls on Courtney Lee’s final regulation shot.

Paul Gasol, Lakers

• Could Pacman Jones be wocka-wocka-walking back to the Cowboys?

Chad Johnson Ochocinco embraces his newfound “Mexican” heritage by already planning his 1st TD celebration - hanging a pinata on the goalpost & whacking it with an end zone pylon.

• Hope you Memphis Redbirds fans have fun tonight during Stubby Clapp Appreciation Night!

• Recently retired Rodney Harrison rants about how the NFL is turning soft & pansy-esque.

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HemiGirl Resigns From Lingerie Football League!

Lost amidst all of this recent Brett Favre news is the sudden retirement of a quarterback which actually interests me. Sadly, the New York Majesty will be without their projected starting quarterback, Melissa Anne Teixeira (also known as HemiGirl) in its upcoming Lingerie Football League season.

Heimi Girl and Tony Siragusa

Miss Teixeira, you see, is from Massachusetts, and had been scheduled to play for the New England Euphoria. But the LFL wanted her to transfer to New York. No go. (In case this photo of her with Tony Siragusa doesn’t appeal to you, there’s plenty more of her without Tony after the jump).

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