SbB Caption Contest: Sacramone. Sauna. Superb!

Hey SbBers! Hope your weekend went well. If those of you in the Midwest could ship some of your snow SoCal’s way, we’d appreciate it. You know, with the wildfires & such. We can’t even tell the smoke from the smog.

Speaking of hot topics, today’s SbB Clever Caption Contest features a very tantalizing & toasty treat. We proudly present straight from the sauna, Alicia Sacramone:

Alicia Sacramone Megan Dowlen sauna

Alicia is laid out on the left, while Megan Dowlen is relaxing on the right.

So, get to the comments section and start captionating. But better keep it fairly clean - any extremely vulgar comments will be deleted.

Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap. And who knows - Alicia might be reading & become so impressed with your work that she’ll hunt you down and give you a big wet kiss on the lips. Or better yet, a punch in the jaw.