’s Len Pasquarelli Is An Absolute Animal

Ten days ago we reported, via Mike Florio at PFT, that ESPN NFL writer Len Pasquarelli had quintuple heart bypass surgery in Phoenix on February 2. He had been in town to cover the Super Bowl.

Len Paquarelli

Pretty serious stuff, eh? Well, we were tipped yesterday that Len was already back at work last night. And a check of his archive this morning reveals that he filed a piece Wednesday night about the Carolina Panthers locking up safety Chris Harris with “a four-year contract extension through the 2012 season.

So two weeks after a life-threatening surgical procedure Pasquarelli is already back to work. Pretty damn amazing.

Len Pasquarelli: Quintuple Bypass Heart Surgery

Mike Florio PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports ESPN NFL reporter Len Pasquarelli had quintuple bypass surgery over the weekend. Get well soon, big fella.

This on the heels of Mike Wilbon’s heart attack and Florio also reporting, “Peter King of Sports Illustrated was hospitalized on Sunday with bronchitis, and was unable to attend the (Super Bowl) game.