Kornheiser’s D.C. Media Career Officially Pantsed?

Dan Steinberg at DC SPORTS BOG has the latest on Tony Kornheiser’s seemingly cratered D.C. media career, transcribing comments from Commander Combover during a D.C. radio appearance this week.

Too Ugly To Prostitute

(Took this on Venice Beach this week … vaguely applicable? OK, maybe not.)

Apparently Kornheiser, who was recently let go by the WaPo and nudged out of the Monday Night Football broadcast booth by Mike Tirico ESPN management, is finding it tough to supplement his PTI appearances with a free-money local-yokel radio show:

“A lot of business people want me to do syndicated national radio,” he said. “I don’t care about syndicated national radio. If they want to syndicate a local show that I do, I’m happy to do it, but I want to local radio.”

(Steinberg): How many business people are interested?

“Not enough yet,” he said. “But maybe in an hour. Maybe in an hour.”

So wait, Kornheiser has plenty of people beating down his door to do a national radio show, but no one in his hometown is interested in hiring him?

Tony Kornheiser bolts PTI, still watch his replacement with Wilbon?

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Does that smell funny to you?

Actually, uh, no.

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