MLB Officials Are First To Take Canseco Seriously

The NEW YORK POST reports that two Major League Baseball investigators met with Jose Canseco during a reading Wednesday of his new stirring bildungsroman “Vindicated” at the Barnes and Noble in midtown Manhattan, which was just coincidentally a few blocks down from their office.

“A baseball source said yesterday they wanted to open a line of communication with Canseco.

‘His exact words were, ‘Why now?’ ‘ said Canseco’s lawyer, Robert Saunooke, who attended the meeting. “Why not three years ago, why now? They agreed 100 percent. The point is well-taken and we told them once the book tour is over we will be more than happy to talk with them and see what, if anything, we can do, and whatever we can do to help.”

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ARod Should Probably Just Keep Quiet Now

Lost in the odd remark yesterday that Alex Rodriguez made about his daughters marrying Andy Pettitte in order to laud the pitcher’s so-called truth telling about his HGH use was an assertion A-Rod made that he was tested for PEDs “9 or 10 times last season.” Problem is, that number of tests in one year is reserved for a first violation for use of a stimulant (which isn’t publicly announced).

Alex Rodriguez

So, per the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Rodriguez has issued a clarification, saying he was exaggerating the number of tests in order to make a point.

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‘Boys Will Be Back, If They Can Find Their Keys

DEADSPIN finds this amusing anecdote on Matt Mosley’s HASHMARKS (MyESPN!) about Wade Phillips losing his keys after Dallas lost to the Giants yesterday: “I watched Phillips wander into the training room and lean on his mammoth left tackle, Flozell Adams. He sort of collapsed into Adams, who looked a bit startled. Phillips was greeted outside by his wife and daughter, who appeared to be crying.

Wade Phillips

He loaded up his Lincoln Navigator, but then realized he didn’t have the keys. In one last moment of indignity, Phillips walked around the tunnel asking if anyone had his keys.

We don’t know what’s funnier, Phillips losing his keys (ONSTAR anyone?), Phillips collapsing into Flozell Adams’ arms, or the name Flozell. We really hope Jerry Jones brings Phillips back. We love his obvious lack of control over the team, and the extra excitement that the prospect of his daughter showing up in the tabloids brings.

Jason Garrett looks like he should be an Entomological professor at Princeton. Don’t even dare, Jer.

Seriously, What’s Gotten Into The Sporting News?

THE SPORTING NEWS has been on life support for some time now, something we’re sure you’re unaware of, because you’re probably unaware that The Sporting News still exists. Paul Allen bought the mag a few years ago and tried to expand the brand. His company, Vulcan, failed miserably and eventually sold the whole shooting match to AmCity Business Journals.
Sporting News

AmCity is still trying to decide what to do with the wilted property, which includes the mag, assorted yearly publications, and a fringe sports radio network. What was once the biblical brand of hardcore sports fans is now a marginal player at best in the sports media.

There are some signs of life though, however faint.’s Chris Mottram has put together something called THE SPORTING BLOG, which has a format much like AOL’s FANHOUSE. Mottram & Co. pulled off a recent coup by landing Dan Shanoff as a regular contributor. And Will Leitch of DEADSPIN will be filing for from the Super Bowl (hopefully cell camera in hand at some Tempe watering holes).

Thanks to those moves, we’ve got back on our bookmarks as part of our daily rounds. Let’s hope the success the site is sure to have with those improvements will help to prop up the other sagging properties. Don’t call it a comeback, but TSN has resumed a place on our radar screen.

Darren Rovell has a nice piece about the same thing at As does MDS at FANHOUSE.

Jaguars’ Official Site Affixes Asterisk On Patriots

We’ve generally found pretty worthless from an editorial standpoint, since those churning out the content either work for the NFL or the individual teams. So the stories you’re likely to get are akin to something out of a high school student newspaper.

Jaguars Power Rankings Patriots Asterisk

But we now stand corrected, considering this piece of provocative editorial content put out by the Jacksonville Jaguars on their official website this week. Like every other website not nailed down, the NFL-sponsored site puts out weekly NFL power ranking from someone named Vic Ketchum.

This week’s power rankings have the Patriots, the Jags opponent in a Saturday playoff game, at #1, with an accompanying asterisk that says “cheated in one game“.

We suppose it’s a good thing Ketchum won’t be suiting up on the Jax punt team at Gillette in two days.

(Pointer from THE WORLD OF ISAAC)

UPDATE: The page was removed off the live site 27 minutes after we posted this. Here’s the google cache of the page, just in case you think we were fibbing.

Sports Network Looking For Laughs In New Show

THE BOSTON HERALD laughs at news of the local sports cable channel trying their hand at humor.

Red Sox Dice K laugh

(Dice K’s yuking it up already)

“NESN Comedy All-Stars” is hoping hilarity will ensue for Boston fans this summer. The program will feature no-name local comedians doing sports-themed stand-up routines, taped in front of a live audience (tickets still available!), along with other pre-recorded skits & segments.

What kind of comedy can viewers expect?

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Blogga-Roni: FSU Nixing Tix For Cutting Class?

• The BIG LEAD has a posting from a Florida State sports fansite that claims students who skip class will have their FSU football tickets taken away (and miss this next to you in the student section):

Florida State Hotties

Adam Rose of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reviews the entire Reggie Bush book penned by Don Yaeger, and reports there’s plenty of dirt to be hauled.

Tom Brady

• TMZ has the most emasculating moment of Tom Brady’s life - recorded to video. *fist punch*

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The Only Time Monta Will Make It Into A Headline

We don’t spend much time on We adored that goofy old Sportsline logo (love the flourish!), and if you click on the CBS Sports logo on the current site to go to the home page, it redirects to But no more mention of Sportsline anywhere on the site we can find. Sad, very sad.

Sportsline Logo

We’re happy to report though that the site does have one of our bookmarks - the “Dunk-O-Meter” page:


We can’t decide if the dunk stat tells you the player is a supreme athlete (Dwight Howard), or piles up throw-downs because he has no offensive game whatsoever (Shaq). One thing we always look for in the standings is how many guards are creeping into the Top 50.
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Fan Vomits On Heat TV Announcer During Game

The low point of the NBA season was probably Tuesday night, as the teams with the worst records in the league, Miami and Minnesota, squared off in Minneapolis.

Miami Heat Head Art

The 8-27 Heat, playing without Shaquille O’Neal and with a still-injured Dwyane Wade lost to the 5-29 TWolves 101-91. Miami, just two years removed from an NBA title, has now lost eight straight games.

But as Tom D’Angelo of the PALM BEACH POST reports, “As bad as the night was for the Heat, it could have been worse.” And believe us, D’Angelo is spot-on. Literally.

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Don’t Get Excited, He’s Not Leaving Anytime Soon

Terry Bradshaw's Bitter Beer FaceThe NEW YORK POST today splashes “exclusive” next to a headline that reads “TERRY BRADSHAW SET TO RETIRE“.

One small detail. He’s not leaving after this season. Nor after next season. Or the Season after that.

He’s retiring when his contract expires after the 2011 season. Done laughing?

Does this sound a little attention-whorish on Bradshaw’s part? Or is the NYP manufacturing breaking news that is actually rather deflating (now, they would never do that).

The only thing mildy interesting thing in the piece is Bradshaw suggesting that Michael Strahan could replace him. But that probably won’t happen, since we doubt Strahan is going to put his life in suspended animation with the off-chance that he could get to rub elbows with Curt Menefee in four years.