Yes, It’s McCourt Divorce Hearing Proceedings Eve

You don’t see family members go at each other in a high-profile court case like this in Los Angeles since the Chandlers gave up the LA Times. So nostalgic. Yes, the epic struggle for control of the Dodgers begins on Thursday, as Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt square off to contest assets in their divorce. “Who needs two? Got tickets in the second row, middle, right opposite the bailiff. Who needs tickets?” “Red hots! Get your Dodger Dogs!”

Frank and Jamie McCourt Divorce

Of course Jamie McCourt is attempting to get back her job as Dodger CEO after being fired by club owner and husband Frank. The plot thickened when Frank accused Jamie of secret naughty Paris hi-jinks with her “security advisor,” Jeff Fuller. The court will hear arguments from Jamie as to why she should be reinstated, and why the Fuller accusations should be withheld. Frank will contend that Jamie is a detriment to the team, and the entire National League. Vin Scully will call the action. Read more…