Kidd: Spanish Pic Shows Olympic Double Standard

The Spanish Olympic basketball team committed a pretty big gaffe recently when they decided to have their picture taken while making their eyes look “slanty” (read: stereotypically Chinese).

People freaked out, society screamed “INJUSTICE, SIRS!”, the Spanish acted contritely apologetic, and then the world said “Awwwwww, silly racist Spaniards. Of course we forgive you.” But Adrian Wojnarowski of YAHOO! SPORTS has an interesting slant on the story, whereby Jason Kidd tells the world he will not stand for the racial injustices that are permeating our fair sports.

Actually, Jason just doesn’t think that what went down was fair.

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Oly Weightlifter Makes A Very Painful Wrong Turn

• An Hungarian weightlifter gets bent out of shape over a very painful lift.

Janos Baranyai weighlifter arm twist

• Players from Spain’s Olympic basketball team fail to see the harm done with their little slant-eyed photo op.

Chad Johnson might be taking this whole “Ocho Cinco” thing a bit too far.

• Those Nebraska wrestlers who had pics pop up on a gay porn site have been cut from the Cornhuskers squad.

• One day, you’re guarding the Olympic torch relay. The next day, you’re a heartthrob to millions of Chinese girls.

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Jason Kidd Is Tired Of May Anderson’s Partying

While Jason Kidd’s marriage to Joumana Kidd looked to be a perfect union on the surface, as time passed we found out that aside from producing peanut-headed children, Joumana also had an affinity for beating Jason up. After a much publicized divorce, Kidd decided it was time to move on and find a woman who wouldn’t bully him around. So after knocking up Hope Dworaczyk, Jason thought he’d found that woman in Danish model May Anderson (who only attacks flight attendants) and for the past few months they’ve been an item.

May Anderson dumped by Jason Kidd

Well, while Jason’s been in Beijing playing with The Redeem Team, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been keeping a watchful eye on his girl from half a world away. Jason has been reading the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX, and apparently he doesn’t like what he’s been reading. That’s why he’s dropping Anderson like a bad habit.

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