Implied Nudity Sometimes Cures Emotional Havoc

MAXIM has a rather revealing look at selected New England Patriots cheerleaders. There’s plenty of NSFW implied nudity in there, but don’t be surprised, NFL teams have been hawking semi-naked photos of their cheer squads for some time now.

Quinn Kingston New England Patriots Cheerleader

That link should occupy a good portion of your day. But when you’re all finished (up), considering heading over to the Philadelphia Eagles’ official website, where you can view photos of the Eagles cheerleaders learning some tricks of the trade from Chef Poon.

Chef Poon Philadelphia Eagles

Honestly, we have no idea.

PBGs Will Have None Of Your Brazilian Thongs

The Packers Bikini Girls world tour continued at WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee on Thursday, and we may have finally nailed down the reason why we probably won’t be seeing them in MAXIM.

Packers Bikini Girls

(OK, we lied)

Excerpt from the WTMJ website, which might have been written by an intern: “Maxim Magazine has contacted three women who, for portions of Packers games they’ve attended, worn nothing but their bikinis on their bodies. The girls, Jen and Ashley and their cousin Liz who are all students at UWM, are considering their offer, but they’ve stated that they won’t wear less than the homemade gold bikinis with Packers logos on them.”

Packers Bikini Girls Thong

We’re guessing that probably wasn’t enough for the gang at Maxim, which was likely to slather them in Osi Umenyiora Doo Doo Butter before strapping ‘em to the nearest Mark Chmura game-used, NFL LICENSED thong-equipped microkinis.

No Maxim Photo Shoot For Packers Bikini Girls?

MAXIM has photos of the Packers Bikini Girls today on its website. Sorry, there’s nothing new or all that exciting. Apparently the mag bought a few snaps of the girls from the game. Here’s one of the shots:

Packers Bikini Girls

(no, no, at 3am on a Tuesday)

We’re guessing after getting a closeup gander at the gals, the mag passed on a full-blown shoot. Unlike the marginally more attractive F*** Da Eagles Girl.

It is kinda sad though. The girls get all this publicity and the best they could do was a few hundee from Maxim and no appearance in the actual magazine. Maybe Playboy will come forward and make things a little more interesting. On second thought, perhaps that isn’t such a good idea.

Packers Bikini Girls Might Steer Clear Of The Video

We thought it a shame that the Packers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this season. Not because we wanted Brett Favre to go out as the true Gunslinger that he is. But because of the Packers Bikini Girls, who we all spotted on Sunday.

Packers Bikini Girls Video

As you would expect, the trio is now being besieged by the media, and no doubt will appear decked out in Pepperjack panties in Maxim before too long. Chris Mottram of MISTER IRRELEVANT and THE SPORTING BLOG spots some video of the Ice Queens, and sadly, it does disappoint a little.

The are truly authentic Wisconsin girls though, with their accents and cute little beer bellies (except for their disappointing claim that they don’t drink during games).

UPDATE: One of the girls, as jcon4pack” is apparently on a discussion thread over at YARDBARKER. She jumped in the fray after someone called the girls “slutty”. And verified her identity by posting a personal pic of the three sisters.

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Lambeau Field Bikini Girls; We’ll Take The Right

Here’s no doubt the best photo of the three Lambeau Field bikini girls who we posted about earlier today.

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

The girl on the right? Damn:

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

UPDATE: The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL has a piece on them today (with more pics).

Lambeau Bikini Girls: Maxim Mag Sends Out APB

Last night these young ladies appeared in sub-zero temperatures at Lambeau Field during the Giants-Packers Fox Telecast (Joe Buck hasn’t been that excited at Lambeau since Randy Moss bared his behind):

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

(No, Yes, Yes)

MAXIM magazine has already sent out an APB for trio. Funny, the mag didn’t do the same for these lovelies:

Packers Fans Wearing Cheese Bras

Maxim has done this before with nubile NFL fans, witness the notorious blonde bombshell/New Orleans Saints’ fan: F*** Da Eagles Girl.

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